Jul 03 2010

July 2nd – EIGHTH Delivery Photos! Plus, June 25th Cards!

Seven @ 1:06 am


Well, the flowers for this week are gorgeous as usual! I’m really loving the orange sunflowers! They feel so Summery and warm!

And, the lovely cards, artwork, poetry, and prose from Michael’s fan-mily on June 25th, displayed with this week’s flowers, are SO heartwarming!

I probably speak for Sandy too when I say that it really is gratifying to us to be able to relay all this L.O.V.E. to Michael from his fan-mily every week!

Since there were SO many photos this week, I decided to use a gallery plug-in.

Below, you will see a lot of small thumbnails. Just click on any one of them to see a full-sized photo! OR, you can be taken through a slideshow to see each photo in succession. I suggest starting at the first one, and going all the way through!

It’s not a pretty as I’d like it yet, but it works for now.

L.O.V.E. –
Sandy & Seven
Your “Sunflower Sisters”

ALL PHOTOS ARE © 2010, SANDY LEE SCOTT AND ‘Sunflowers for Michael Program



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