Aug 11 2010

Let M$NBC and their advertisers know what we think of their hiring character assassin Martin Bashir

Seven @ 4:18 am

'Birds' of a Feather Bed Together

'Birds' of a Feather Bed Together?

Martin Bashir has been hired by M$NBC starting in September of 2010. Please e-mail the network and share your thoughts about Mr. Bashir being hired by them. Use your real name, and not your MJ fan psuedo name. Please do not YELL (no CAPS!) or use profanity. Please remain calm, respectful, and factual in your correspondence.

Expressing concern about Bashir’s modus operandi, particularly with the “Living With Michael Jackson” assassination piece, is great! Expressing concern about Bashir’s tabloid-media tactics and further tabloidization of the media in general, and their network in particular, is acceptable dialogue too – but hysterical yelling or profanity are not.  So, stick to facts and just express your feelings about this in as calm and factual way as possible. But DO let them hear from us!

Here is the link to email M$NBC:

1) Choose “Dateline” from the drop-down list

2) Then scroll down to the “Comment” box and write your comment or statement

3) Then click on “Submit

Let’s let M$NBC know what we think about Bashir and his unethical reporting.

You can also contact M$NBC on Twitter and Facebook:

M$NBC Twitter

M$NBC Facebook

To learn more about the connection between M$NBC and Martin Bashir, check out these two links – feel free to use them or any facts contained in them,in your messages to M$NBC:

The Connection Between M$NBC and Martin Bashir (Part I)
The Connection Between M$NBC and Martin Bashir (Part II)

M$NBC Advertisers to contact (visit their websites to get contact info – sample letter below)

Kashi cereals
Progressive Insurance
Aruba Tourism Department
Transitions Lenses
AIG Term Life
Coldwell Bankers
Venus Breeze
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Bayer Products
Old Mutual Investment
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American Express
Crystal Light

SAMPLE LETTER TO ADVERTISERS – PLEASE customize this letter so that they do not receive many of the same letter – add your own touches and rewrite the letter in your own words. This is ONLY a sample:

Dear MSNBC Advertiser:

I urge you to read this letter, as it represents the mindset of an important segment of your marketing demographic – the consumers you hope to reach through television advertising. You can expect to receive thousands of letters from citizens nationwide expressing similar outrage. This is not an attack against you – the advertiser, but a stand we must all take if we hope to redeem ourselves as a society with a conscience!

We are committed in our mission to bring an end to the despicable practice that has now become business as usual in the mainstream media. Once lauded as a noble profession, journalism has now turned into a vulgar free-for-all attack on the personal and public reputation of innocent human beings. There are many who call themselves responsible journalists when, in fact, they are so far removed from reporting the truth that they no longer recognize their own corrupt perversity, let alone care to monitor it. TRUTH is the new “dirty” word in mainstream media. Why not…when lies and slander are so much more profitable. Never mind who it harms…or kills!

For the purpose of this letter, I am referring to one such “journalist” recently hired by MSNBC – Martin Bashir. I’m sure you know the name – but certainly not for his moral accomplishments! Mr. Bashir is about as obscene as they come. He holds the “proud” distinction of having produced the infamous TV documentary, “Living With Michael Jackson.” Yes, the program that prompted an investigation of Mr. Jackson, resulting in his false arrest on charges of child molestation and being brought to trial. Despite his innocence and being found not guilty on all charges, Michael suffered unimaginable pain and devastation from the ordeal of a five-month trial, from which he never fully recovered. The trial ended on June 13, 2005 – yet for all he endured, and despite the victory of being found innocent, Michael would only live another four years.

What does any of this have to do with you as a sponsor of MSNBC? Everything! A magnificent and innocent human being is dead, and people need to start holding the media accountable for their actions. Lies and slander over a period of years can KILL! Michael Jackson was a tragic result of how the “politics of personal destruction” can ruin an innocent man’s reputation and the quality of his life. And when the privilege of reporting news to the public is placed in the toxic hands (and mind) of a corrupt “hack” like Bashir, it can also prove fatal! Bashir can take credit for committing the most egregious form of entrapment one can inflict on an individual. Michael Jackson was the most beloved entertainer in the world, but more importantly, there was a genuine innocence about him, and he had the most generous heart and pure soul. He never failed to give people the benefit of the doubt. He was an electrifying force on stage, but in reality Michael was a shy, highly spiritual, humble and non-confrontational person. Many who surrounded him during his life grossly abused that side of his personality. As fate would have it, Bashir used Michael’s gentle nature against him for his own sinister purposes.

How did he do it? First, gain Michael’s trust – then bring out the big guns! Patronize him to the point of distraction, talk over Michael to render him inaudible, ask him emotionally distressing questions, turn the knife by harassing him about cosmetic surgery, make him the object of ridicule, twist the facts to make the world think he puts his children and other children in danger. And to wrap things up, present a false face to Michael on camera – then sneak in your own post-production script in the editing room to create a troubling atmosphere. Speaking in an ominous tone with carefully chosen words, Bashir manipulated viewers by planting subliminal messages to suggest sinister circumstances that did not exist! Michael learned of Bashir’s betrayal after the program aired and was devastated – and from that moment on his life became a living hell. Aren’t you glad this didn’t happen to a loved one of yours? Well, it happened to a loved one of ours! Michael was a gift to the world whose goodness and generosity touched the lives of more people than you can possibly imagine. His death left millions feeling they have lost one of their own.

This should be enough to make you sick to your stomach and question whether to continue sponsoring a network that would hire a man of such low caliber and integrity. I’m sure you offer a fine product, but if you continue advertising on MSNBC while Bashir is on their payroll, you will lose potential consumers. We will not be watching…and we will not be BUYING! MSNBC has garnered poor ratings for their low reporting standards and biased agenda. They are welcoming Bashir with open arms because he mirrors their journalistic practices. Do you really need this venue to sell your product? Keep in mind that Martin Bashir will always be remembered as the man who helped send Michael Jackson to an early grave. Michael was a wonderful human being who did not deserve such abominable treatment by the media, and Martin Bashir is at the top of that manure pile! Your commitment to “truth in advertising” is diminished when the network you partner with does not embrace the same philosophy and hires someone who perpetrates lies and slander. What harm can it do? Just ask Michael Jackson. But the tragic point is…we can’t ask him! But we do ask that you look to your conscience by pulling your sponsorship from MSNBC and investing your advertising dollars elsewhere. If not for Michael Jackson, then before another innocent person falls victim to the pollution of a corrupt media.


{Many thanks to my friend Micheline for this wonderful sample letter to advertisers! -Seven }

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