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Murray Pretrial Hearings – 01/04/2011

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Day 1: 01/4/2011

True Peace is not merely the absence of tension; it is the presence of Justice. -MLK

True Peace is not merely the absence of tension; it is the presence of Justice. -MLK

SOURCE: http://liveshots.blogs.foxnews.com/2011/01/04/courtroom-notes-inside-the-preliminary-hearing-of-dr-conrad-murray/

Judge :- Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor
Prosecutor: Assistant Deputy D.A. David Walgren
Defense: Ed Chernoff

Family attending:

Katherine Jackson
LaToya Jackson
Jackie Jackson

Witnesses called:

Kenny Ortega (Producer/Director – This Is It)
Michael Amir Williams ( Michael’s Bodyguards)
Faheen Muhammed (Michael’s Bodyguard)

Court convened at 9am.

Reports have Murray as usual been ‘shepharded’ in through the back door and arriving in court looking remarkably relaxed – as he continued to be throughout the whole proceedings.

Fans remained outside behaved in a respectful and dignified manner as the family filed in.

Judge goes through court proceedings regarding photographs etc/comings and goings/cell phones
7-8 Day hearing
20-30 witnesses

Show Michael Jackson preparing for important tour in U.K.
Major world event also important for MJ career
MJ crew rehearsal at Staples Centre in the evening
Defendant Murray working as personal psychologist, preventative treated
Murray treating MJ at home in Holmby Hills
Murray going late evening-midnight-1am at night and provide care..6 nights a week at MJ home giving Propofol to help MJ sleep for 2 straight months every night
No indication Propofol can be used for sleep aide

June 23rd 2009..MJ normal routine to Staples Centre..rehearsal fabulous
June 24 same routine good rehearsal at staples..MJ optimistic
Returns home at 1am June 25th
Murray’s BMW car in driveway according to security
MJ dropped off at home

June 25

1:30am Court learned through evidence that Murray began treatment
2:00am valium pill administered
3:00am Intravenous diazebeem, IV of benzso
5:00am other treatment
7:30am other drugs through IV
10:40-11am infusing with propofol..at some point he ceases to breathe and dies after that

MJ dead before paramedics arrived

Only 2 pepople in room at the time— MJ and Dr. Murray

11:51am call- lasted 11 mins..witness heard noises at other end of phone
Likely Conrad Murray who realized MJ was not breathing.
12:12pm Call by Murray to Michael Amir Williams, security, saying he needs help..left a message.
12:15pm Williams returns call and Murray says MJ had a bad reaction.
Williams calls another member of security who is not at house.
12:17pm Williams then calls Alberto Alvarez who is in second trailer outside house, checks permission to go in house, goes upstairs to MJ’s bedroom.
He Sees MJ on bed, Murray doing one handed CPR on the soft bed.
Murray reports MJ had a bad reaction and asks Alvarez to collect medical evidence.
Prosecution says Murray has still not called 911 at this point.
12:21pm Alvarez told to get a bag and Murray collects medical bottles, and IV bag etc., as told and only then is he told to call 911.
Possible that Murray waited 20 minutes to call 911…MJ could have been dead before noon.
12:26pm Paramedics treating MJ on site. MJ’s Eyes fixed and dilated and he was cool to touch. He flatlined so heart action taking place.
MJ dead…no observation of appropriate equipment for treatment with propofol, according to paramedics.
Asked Murray about underlying medical condition.
Murray asked what drugs he had given…doesn’t mention propofol
Prosecutors says this could have been useful.
UCLA medical center advised futher care on MJ useless..they in contact with paramedics.
1:07pm Paramedics transport to UCLA with MJ
1:13pm Arrive in ER room.
Doctors at hospital only asked Murray what he treating MJ for. Mentioned on drug, valium and flomax..no mention of propofol to UCLA doctors.
Doctors still tried to bring MJ to life.
2:26pm Dr. Cooper at UCLA pronounced MJ dead.
Murray had conversation with security personnel at hospital.
Detectives question Murray next day and then learned of propofol.
Autopsy – acute propofol intoxication
Court will hear from medical experts…extreme deviation from expected standard of care…

Key points made by Prosecution:

-Lack of appropriate equipment
-Propofol doesn’t help imsomnia
-Cocktail of drugs
-Ineffective CPR
-Failure to call 911 immediately
-Failure to maintain appropriate medical records

End of opening statment from prosecution

Deputy District Attorney, David Walgren said he will rely on Murray’s statements to police, as well as text messages, phone records and expert testimony to show the doctor should stand trial.

He said evidence will show Murray waited at least 21 minutes to call 911 and ordered a bodyguard to help him clean up evidence before summoning help. In the most favorable scenario, Walgren said, Murray waited at least nine minutes before calling paramedics.

He faulted the doctor in opening statements for performing CPR on Jackson with one hand on his bed, rather than a hard surface as is generally required.

Walgren also plans to call several experts whom he said would testify, “there are a number of actions displayed by Dr. Murray that show an extreme deviation from the standard of care.”

The prosecutor also said he would call a bodyguard who would testify that Murray ordered him to collect items from Jackson’s bedroom

The first witness the prosecution called was “This Is It” producer/director Kenny Ortega


Choreographer Kenny Ortega testified that he was summoned to Jackson’s home a day after letting the superstar skip rehearsal because he seemed sick.

Dr. Conrad Murray and others suggested Jackson should not have been sent home because he was physically and emotionally fine,Ortega testified, adding he was told not to try to be Jackson’s doctor or psychiatrist.

Later in the hearing, Ortega testified that Jackson had gone home early from rehearsals on June 19.

“He didn’t look well at all,” Ortega testified. “Michael was chilled and soft-spoken. … He wasn’t in the kind of condition to be at rehearsal.”

Ortega also said Jackson appeared lost.

“It was scary. I couldn’t put my finger on it,” Ortega said. “I said, ‘Michael, is this the best place for you to be or do you want to go home and be with your family?’ He said, ‘Would you be OK with that?’ I said, ‘OK,’ and he left.”

The next morning, Ortega said, he was called to Jackson’s home, where he was confronted by Murray, Jackson, the star’s manager Frank DiLeo, and Randy Phillips, head of AEG, the company producing Jackson’s “This is It” comeback tour.

“It quickly became clear that the meeting was about me,” Ortega said. “Dr. Murray was upset that I had sent Michael home the night before and didn’t allow him to rehearse.”

Ortega, who later directed the Jackson concert film “This Is It” based on rehearsal footage, said the pop star was in good spirits throughout most of the rehearsals and was excited about the progress being made in preparation for the London shows.

He recalled his last conversation with Jackson.

“Michael said, ‘I know you love me and care about me. You don’t have to worry about me. I’m fine,’ and he gave me a big hug,” Ortega said.

On cross-examination, defense attorney Ed Chernoff asked Ortega if he had ever seen anyone having withdrawals from drugs, and the witness said he had not.


Another witness, Jackson’s personal assistant Michael Amir Williams, described Murray calling him on the day the superstar died and frantically asking him to get help from bodyguards for Jackson, who was in a bedroom.

Williams stated he received a frantic voicemail from Murray at 12:13 PM on June 25, 2009. Williams said Murray’s VM said, “Where are you? Get here right away, hurry.”

Murray told him the singer had a “bad reaction” and that immediate help was needed, but didn’t ask him to call 911, Williams said.

Williams says he then called Alberto Alvarez, MJ’s security guard, and asked Alvarez to walk to the front door. Williams says he heard Murray’s voice in the background, then Alvarez hung up.

Williams added that staff were never allowed upstairs.

Williams described the chaotic scene at the mansion and hospital and recalled the heartbreaking moment when DiLeo told Jackson’s children their father was dead. Williams said he and Murray and everyone else were crying. He also added that Murray added to the confusion by immediately contradicting Dileo.

He went on to say that at one point just after Michael had been pronounced dead, Murray insisted to Williams that he was going to go back to the house to get some ‘cream’ that “Michael wouldn’t want people to see”. Williams immediately contacted staff at the house to ‘lock it down’. Also whilst chaos reigned at the hospital the Murray was requesting Williams to get him food!

• • •

In his cross-examination, Murray’s attorney, Ed Chernoff, questioned Williams about his connection to the Nation of Islam and about other phone calls he made in the minutes after Murray’s call. He also asked the personal assistant how frequently he went upstairs to Jackson’s bedroom, and whether his fingerprints may be found on vials, intravenous bags or syringes.

“I don’t know how that’s possible, I never touched any of that,” Williams said.



One of Michael’s other bodyguards, said he and and guard Alberto Alvarez saw Murray crouched next to Jackson’s bed “in a panicked state asking, ‘Does anyone know CPR?'”

“I looked at Alberto because we knew Dr. Murray was a heart surgeon, so we were shocked,” Muhammed said.

When defense lawyer Ed Chernoff asked if perhaps Murray was only asking for help because he was tired, Muhammed said “The way that he asked it is as if he didn’t know CPR.”

Jackson appeared to be dead at that time, with his “eyes open and his mouth open, just laying there,”

Prosecutor David Walgren earlier said that Murray used “ineffectual CPR with one hand while the patient was prone on a soft bed.” Two hands with the patient prone on a hard surface is the proper method, he said.

Muhammed, the third witness on the opening day of the hearing, said he never saw Murray performing CPR on Jackson before paramedics arrived and carried him to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

Jackson’s two oldest children, Prince and Paris, were at their father’s bedroom door as the drama unfolded just after noon on June 25, 2009, Muhammed said.

“Paris was on the floor on her hands and knees and she was just crying,” he said.

The children would learn two hours later that their father had died when Dr. Murray and Jackson manager Frank Dileo talked to them in a hospital room.

The session ended at approx 16.30pm. To be reconvened on 1/5/11 at 09.30 am

9 Responses to “Murray Pretrial Hearings – 01/04/2011”

  1. Patty says:

    Here is where we are going to finally learn the facts and truth from that horrific day. OMG Murray was asking as though he didn’t know cpr and he’s a cardiologist?? This has been very difficult to read, but I thank you dearly for doing this. I’m at work all day and completely out of the loop. I felt so lost all day in fear of what they were doing to Michael. These are positive testimonies for the prosecution. It is so painful to now see what that monster really did to Michael. OMG our poor sweet Michael

  2. Jackie says:

    I am shocked and will carry this forever how the children had to witness their Father dying.
    Poor Babies 🙁

    I don’t understand how Murray is not in trial yet!
    Idiot!! Murray is a danger for the public-a “Doctor” that doesn’t know to perfume CPR is not a doctor how the hell he still can practise?

    Murray doesn’t deserve P.hearing.All what heard today is enough to lock him in jail for the rest of his life!!!

    It’s sick!! Too bad he didn’t choke when he asked for food! Miserable!

    It pisses off that Michael who was Innocent didn’t even get the right to have P.Hearing whatsoever and Murray which without a trial it’s clear that he’s a sick murderer a danger for the public gets this right!


  3. Erica Ribeiro says:

    Eu penso por que Ortega não tentou impedir…

  4. Solar says:

    Stay focused.

    It’s NOT incompetence.


  5. Debbie says:

    This is the worst lie I have ever heard, Michael was killed and in my opinion, it was planned. How could someone not call 911 when another is not breathing, and don’t know CPR, NO ITS ALL A LIE, thats what they wanted, him dead. These people deserve to be punished to the highest extent of the law. I do not believe Murray was the only one involved, I believe there were many and the goal was to eliminate Michael. HOW DARE YOU DO THAT TO MICHAEL, God will watch over this trail and they will get whats coming to them.

  6. ultravioletrae says:

    If it were true that this is an involuntary manslaughter case and Murray alone was involved in his death, why wouldn’t we have seen a plea bargain by now? The facts as described above are simply indefensible. Even if they could somehow convince the jury that the propofol was self administered (which they can’t) Murray is still culpable for leaving a lethal dose of medication within the reach of a heavily sedated patient. And even if that happened, there is still no reason for a death to occur. Resuscitation efforts would easily have saved his life had they been performed. No one should die of propofol who can tolerate the drug, it’s a pretty safe drug. It’s beyond belief that intubation/CPR wasn’t given in a timely manner, makes no logical sense whatsoever, even if he irresponsibly left the room, there was still time to save him. That is what makes me suspect murder, and Murray would have to be involved. I am scared we will never know the truth. Janet said a while back we would see some surprises, I hope we do.

  7. rumbapassion says:

    It’s unbelievable to hear what went on, I still can’t comprehend it and it does not seem real. A doctor would not know CPR and he left the room, made phone calls, and then when he should be making attempts to revive Michael, he is cleaning up his mistakes. Seems like Dr Murray wanted Michael dead. I wonder what his price was. This is just a circus, where again instead of Murray, they will try to put Michael’s name through the mud. As God is my witness I hope Murray gets what he should get, but the way things are going, it seems that there is something missing here, and I can’t put my finger on it. Whatever it is, there are others who know… And maybe we will never know really…

  8. Anna says:

    Also I think he asked for food to get rid of the bodyguard so he could make his exit while he went to fetch it.

  9. Anna says:

    I am sure he knew CPR. He knew MJ was dead a long while and it was no use. The show was just for the bodyguards.He wanted one to take over CPR so he could hide the vials.

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