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Murray Pretrial Hearings – 01/05/2011

Seven @ 5:35 pm

Day 2:  01/05/2011

True Peace is not merely the absence of tension; it is the presence of Justice. -MLK

True Peace is not merely the absence of tension; it is the presence of Justice. -MLK

SOURCE: http://www.justice4michaeljackson.com/day02.php

Joe,Katherine,Janet,LaToya, Rebbie and Randy Jackson are in court today to represent the family.

Alberto Alvarez:

Alberto Alverez, the bodyguard that called 911 has testified. He was very emotional when he was on the stand. While he gave his testimony Mrs Jackson and the fans were crying, there are even reports that some reporters from the media were crying too. He talked about the following things:

  • When Alberto Came around 12.17 Am he saw Conrad Murray was upstairs in the hallway hanging over a railing, at that point Conrad Murray was NOT in Michaels room to take care of Michael.
  • When they entered the room Conrad Murray performed CPR on Michael on the bed with one hand on his back. Michael’s lower body was nude at that time because Michael had a catheter.
  • When Alberto Alverez came into Michael’s room he saw Michael motionless, with his eyes and mouth open.
  • Conrad Murray told Alvarez Michael had an allergic reaction.
  • Conrad Murray ordered Alberto Alvarez to collect bottles from Michael’s room
  • Conrad Murray ordered Alberto ALvarez to remove the IV bag with a milky white substance from the IV stand and to put everything into a brown canvas bag
  • There was a seconds IV bag and Conrad Murray ordered Alberto Alvarez to leave that alone
  • Conrad Murray ordered Alberto Alvarez to put all the collected items in a bag before calling 911
  • Conrad Murray did NOT put the Pulse Monitor on Michael until shortly before EMT’s arrived
  • Conrad Murray gave Michael mouth to mouth…he told ALberto Alvarez he never did that before and that he did this because Michael was his friend
  • Paris and Prince were watching from a bedroom doorway while Conrad Murray did CPR on Michael. Paris than started screaming for her father and cried.
  • Conrad Murray told to get the kids out and to not let them see their dad like this. Alberto Alverez turned to the children and asked them to please leave the room and told them not to worry they would take care of their father.
  • Alberto Alvaraz admitted during cross examination by Conrad Murray’s lawyer Ed Chernoff that he never told the police that Conrad Murray ordered him to remove the bottles.

Kai Chase:

Chef Kai Chase has entered the stand. Kai Chase was Michael’s Chef while he was rehearsing for the “This Is It” shows. She was supposed to go to London as well. She talked about the following things:

  • The chef said Michael was on an extreem healthy diet.
  • The chef told that the Jackson home was normally a happy home but there was something different on June 25th, something just didn’t feel good.
  • According to the cheff Conrad Murray was very anxious that day, his eyes were enlarged and he was screaming, it was like he was panicing.
  • It was very clear to the Cheff that there was some kind of emergency when the housekeeper started crying.
  • Conrad Murray summoned for Prince…she told prince she thought he should go because there might be something wrong with his dad.
  • Kai Chase prepared Tuscan white bean soup for MJ and Murray the night before but the food was still there standing untouched the next morning when she arrived.

Richard Senneff:

Richard Senneff is one of the paramedics that took the stand today. He told the following things during his testimony:

  • The paramedics arrived at Michael’s house 4 minutes after the 911 call was made.
  • When the paramedics saw Michael they notice Michael was very pale, his eyes were open and pupils were dilated and dry. Michaels hands and feet were blue. All these things indicated that Michael was dead.
  • Richard Senneff said he believed Conrad Murray must have waited at least 20 minutes before 911 was called based on Michael’s condition.
  • They put Michael on to a heart monitor and it there was a complete flatline.
  • Paramedics kept asking how long Michael was like this and according to the paramedic Conrad Murray told them it just happend.
  • Paramedics also asked repeadedly what happend…Conrad Murray kept saying he didn’t know. He was only treating Michael for dehydration.
  • Paramedics felt from the start that Conrad Murray was not telling the truth about what happend and how long Michael was in the state they’ve found him when they first entered the room
  • Soon after the paramedics hooked up the heart monitor they give Michael medication for the first time. This was ment to jumpstart Michael’s heart again.
  • When first round of medication didn’t get results the paramedics intubated Michael
  • When Richard Senneff asked Conrad Murray about what kind of medication he gave to Michael, Conrad Murray first denied that Michael got any medication … after a repeating the question about medication a couple of times Conrad Murray only told the paramedics about the Lorazapam (Ativan).
  • Conrad Murray did NOT once mention Propofol to the paramedics.
  • • • •

    From SKY News Reporter Robert Nisbet on Twitter (sequence is from bottom to top):

    court proceeding smoothly, few interruptions

    quiet atmosphere, fairly relaxed. Family obviously pained by testimony

    Senneff: didn’t feel pulse – although Murray insisted he did. Court adjourned until 0015 tomorrow

    Senneff: we tried a type of adrenaline to…kick start the heart. Didnt know it was MJ, with IV line to calf, thought was a’hospice patient’

    Senneff: all I can say my gut feeling, this had not just happened; this has been a period of time, I would think more than 20 mins

    Pros to Senneff: At that time or any time did Murray ever say he had given Propofol? Senneff: No sir

    Senneff: I asked if taking any meds, he said no, none not taking anything. It didnt add up.

    Senneff: Murray said MJ was ‘was practising all night. I was treating him for dehydration…..it still seemed too simple’

    Senneff asked Murray about meds MJ was on: ‘he didn’t answer…I repeated question again and he said there isn’t any. I did n’t pursue it

    Richard Senneff paramedic: ‘unusual to come into person home to have a personal doctor and IV pole’

    Chef Kai Chase said home was usually happy but on 25: I saw gurney, housekeepers crying..energy of uncertainty, something didn’t feel good.

    Court: evidence from MJ chef : said Murray was v anxious on 25 June: ‘eyes enlarged, he is screaming, looking panic stricken’

    Alv said: Murray said we need to get him to a hospital. As I was reaching for the phone, Paris and Prince walked in.

    Murray’s lawyer testing Alvarez, asking him to confirm whether it was dark in MJ’s room – suggesting his observations may be inaccurate

    Alvarez: bottle in IV bag which Murray asked to be removed from room contained milky white substance. The bag wasn’t connected to MJ

    Court in short recess. Alvarez key to prosecution’s case: they allege Murray tried to conceal evidence

    Alvarez: I was reaching for phone to call 911 when children came in room. Paris screamed ‘Daddy’, started crying. Murray said get them out.

    Alvarez: Murray told me it was the first time he had performed mouth to mouth resuscitatation – did so cos ‘MJ was a friend’

    Court: Alvarez describes how Murray instructed him to gather vials, and IV bag. Clear Alvarez is DAs star witness

    Day 2 @ Murray prelim hearing: Janet, Katherine and Joe Jackson in court. So too Dr in front row with lawyers. Bodyguard Alvarez 1st up

• • •

Other notes from other sources & a comment of my own:

Richard Senneff testified that when paramedics arrived at MJ’s house, there was no sign of life and no chance of revival. Nevertheless, Senneff testified Dr. Murray claimed to feel a pulse and, as the senior medical person on scene, refused to pronounce MJ dead.

Murray ordered the EMTs to take MJ to the hospital. Senneff said the ride was “unbelievable … like the Rose Parade. People running down the street, taking pictures, random cars passing the ambulance. It was insane.”

Once at UCLA, Senneff said Murray was “spinning … moving around, nervous, sweating, multitasking.”

On cross examination, Ed Chernoff got Senneff to admit … Jackson’s skeletal, frail frame, along with his black/bluish feet, were signs of a “drug addict.”

RE: Murray not wanting MJ to be declared dead at the scene because then it would be considered a crime scene:  Senneff continued testifying after a recess, stating all of the emergency workers at Michael Jackson’s house knew the singer was dead, but Dr. Murray wouldn’t “call it.”


Defense has glombed onto the “drug addict” meme. Keeps asking witnesses about “signs of a drug addict”. Blue hands and feet could be the sign of NO circulation due to death – moreso than a “drug addict”, I’d think. Defense also asked previous witness if MJ’s behavior on the June 19th 2009 which concerned Kenny Ortega weren’t “drug addict” withdrawals. Notice that the media has been heavily pushing the “drug addict” meme since Michael died and they continue to claim he died of an “overdose of prescription drugs”, which as I’ve explained before, is not true!

21 Responses to “Murray Pretrial Hearings – 01/05/2011”

  1. Solar says:

    Stay focused.

    It’s NOT incompetence.


  2. Jackie says:

    Poor Michael Poor Children That’s tearing 🙁

  3. Jackie says:

    Cold Blue Hands,fingers,feets are signs of many things- Cold,Exacitment,DEATH,Choking and etc’
    So it means that every person that have cold hands is a drug addicted? What the hell?
    Micahel always was fragile and skinny since young age and the autopsy says it clear that Michael’s liver is soft and there were no signs of alcohol or drug dameges!!!

    This is Sick!! And why Murray underdressed Michael’s lower body? Damn it Not only he murdered him but also humilited him till the end.


  4. Grace says:

    Paramedics gave round of meds first and THEN intubated? Doesn’t make sense. ABC’s of CPR Airway (intubate), Breathing (ventilate), circulation (pump, and give meds after). I’m a health professional. This stood out to me, as does quite a bit in this case in regards to Murray’s actions. From the start, this seems to weird to believe.

  5. Karen says:


    Thank you so much for providing this daily update. It is distressing in the extreme to read some parts of it but I’m glad to be able to do so from your site rather than some other horrible media site.

  6. Martha says:

    Ed Chernoff got Senneff to admit those things WERE signs of a drug addict or COULD be the signs of a drug addict?

    I can’t believe a paramedic would state that they WERE signs of a drug addict. Just asking… It’s worrisome, no doubt.

    Those signs can easily be explained away by the prosecution I would hope? I could never be in that courtroom. Poor Jackson family.

  7. Lauren says:

    A paramedic with 25 years experience working in LA knows exactly
    what he’s talking about. ER personnel depend on these guys and
    trust their assessment of patients. If Michael’s pupils were
    fixed and dilated, and his eye’s dry with cool skin and ‘blue’
    lower extremities, he was what is called hypoxic for a period of
    time, probably longer than the 20 minutes estimated. It is highly insulting and ignorant for Chernoff to say the paramedics were not
    doing their job. It is very clear, based on the
    testimony, that Murray was consciously covering up his use of propofol. Conscious awareness of guilt.

  8. Patty says:

    This is all just so heartbreaking. My God those poor children.. Overdose, didn’t the coroner call it as accute propofol intoxication?? That’s not an overdose. And exactly the blueness from lack of blood flow due to death. He really has a stupid attorney. Specialists alone will knock out that theory.

  9. Bella Jackson says:

    I have seen two people about to die and then died and both had black hands and feet. It is something that happens when the blood is no longer circulating in those areas and then stops completely. So I believe MJ had been dead for much longer than 20 minutes and Murray killed him.

  10. Seven says:


    As I was not there, I cannot answer that. Some sources don’t even mention the defense’s comments about ‘drug addict’, while others do. It is worrisome IF that is what Senneff said.

  11. Teresa T says:

    The various accounts gave me goosebumps and made me cry. How dare this Murray treat Michael the way he did, no respect for his life. And for the children to witness this senseless and immoral act is just too hurtful. May Murray rot in hell!

  12. Jackie says:

    We need court transcrpits immediately

  13. Seven says:


    I agree. Getting this stuff second-hand from those in the courtroom is not really great. I’d like official transcripts from the court itself. That way there would be no different stories on what was said and no misinterpretations. Any idea where one can get these transcripts daily from the court?

  14. carina for mjj says:

    Just as Jackie on post 4 and Bella Jackson on 10 say ,blue extremites have many reasons. Michael
    was dead for some time once the paramedics arrived. Would be good to know how Chernoff exactly
    twisted his words to get the paramedic to say it is a sign of drug addiction.Is it maybe also a
    sign of Prpopofol use and death thereof? The likely “mechanism” of Michaels death was, first
    suffocation, as this is the very point and danger re propofol.This causes lack of oxygen to tissues. The body reacts to this by shutting off peripheral circulation in order to save the central circulation.The bloodflow stagnates in feet and hands. The “blueness” makes sense in this case, as result of propofol intoxication.
    Michael was flatlined when the paramedics arrived.There is only a slim chance to revive somebody who just flatlined, you have to jumpstart the heart and also provide for oxygen either by mouth to mouth or intubation. Murray just used his “MD” authority and refused to admit death, thereby confusing time of death and avoiding cordoning off the place as site of “suspicious death”.

  15. Jackie says:

    Carina,The defence uses a narrow thinking and if the judge is the same if he agrees with them! I don’t don’t understand why the Autopsy is not used at the hearing yet! I don’t get what they are waiting for.

  16. carina for mjj says:

    Among the medical vials in the closet was an empty vial of propofol 1000mg/100ml,that is 1 gram
    and is 20 times the amount Murray claims to have used as a dose during the past weeks.
    A vial is supposed to be used in one go and the rest is to be thrown away,to avoid risk of infection.You do not save opened vials.

  17. carina for mjj says:

    In court they where arguing about some tubing and 2 syringes, one of then “broken”.Now there is evidence that* murray meddled with the medical supplies (Mr Alvarez) and then he insisted that the dead body of Michael be transported to the hospital, ER or ? , and that he, murray will continue with resuscitation efforts during the transport.When the ambulance with body+ paramedics was ready to go Murray was not there.* A paramedic saw through the window that he was still moving around in Michaels bedroom (Paramedics statement in court.)* After Michael was officially pronounced dead he wanted to return to the scene, but security did not give him the keys, gave some excuse (also stated in court).* So this was at least the second time he gives preference to “evidence” over the treatment of his patient.(now dead, as if he didn´t know)
    To the point: I don´t understand why they are so interested in tubes & syringes when they have evidence that murray had 2 separate opportunities to meddle with it.There were 2 syringes, one of them broken. Now modern syringes are plastic and do not break easily, not by falling. They can be stepped upon or bent by partly withdrawing the plunger.Murray could have been wiping off finger prints.He could also easily have removed stuff in his pockets. In my opinion they have picked up the wrong end of the stick.

  18. carina for mjj says:

    Lauren,post8. I couldn´t agree with you more.Like Jackie says we need court transcripts.
    Now if some thing does not fit re the content of some tubing this will be used to cause “doubt”.

  19. Michelle says:

    This is terribly sad, and the saddest part is that Michael’s death was entirely avoidable. Michael did not have to die the way he did, and so young. It is also terribly sad that every last detail of the end of Michael’s life is on public display. I am certain Michael would not have wanted it to be this way.

    I will not allow the pictures that are painted in my mind reduce the Michael I knew and loved for over 40 years. Michael was a man who was larger than life, and completely magnificent, grand, and beautiful in every way, inside and out. That is how I will remember him, by who he was and not by what happened to him. I believe he would want that. Knowing what happened to him is just a painful reminder of how human he was, and how fragile life is. My heart is shattered to pieces over how he was mistreated, and that some of the people who were supposed to be caring for him, and getting paid well to do so, failed to do so. It totally disgusts me to think that there are those out there who place money, and other material things over the importance of a mans life.

    Where are our priorities? What direction of humanity are we headed for? WAKE UP WORLD, IT ISN’T GETTING ANY PRETTIER!

  20. carina for mjj says:

    It is very sad and very wrong that he had to die the way he did.A whole chain of events,people
    who sacrificed him for money predated the actual death.-Many say that he is in a better place now.Still I do not think he wanted to die.He was manipulated into an almost impossible situation
    and I think daily of all the pain he must have endured.I feel sadness but also anger at what
    happened to Michael and how.It has been said that on 24/6 2009 he was very energetic and the
    rehearsal was a good one. At the end of that day he was tired, exhausted and dehydrated. Noway
    do I think he was suicidal.Little did he know that in hours he would be dead.-Everybody reacts in their own way,seeking earthly justice is one of them. That does not exclude sadness or appriciation of him as a human nbeing and artist.

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