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Murray Pretrial Hearings – 01/06/2011 (Second Source)

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Day 3:  01/06/2011 (Second Source)

True Peace is not merely the absence of tension; it is the presence of Justice. -MLK

True Peace is not merely the absence of tension; it is the presence of Justice. -MLK

SOURCE: http://www.justice4michaeljackson.com/day03.php

Martin Blount: Martin Blount is the second paramedic that is taking the stand.

  • Conrad Murray denied to this EMT that he gave Michael any drugs
  • Conrad Murray told Martin Blount that he only wait one minute after he found michael before he called 911
  • The paramedic said he didn’t observe a viable heart rythmn.
  • He saw Conrad Murray putting bottles into a bag.
  • Mr. Blount said he and fellow paramedics refused to use a hypodermic needle that Conrad Murray wanted them to use on Michael.
  • Martin Blount said they did everything they could and even more to try to save Michael
  • The Paramedic told the court that in his opinion there were NO SIGNS of DRUG ABUSE
  • When the paramedics got Michael into the ambulance they had to wait for him to join them
  • When Martin Blount looked around to see where Conrad Murray was he saw Conrad Murray walking around Michael’s room through the bedroom window
  • The defense asked Martin Blount if the collapsed vains are a result of drug addiction and Martin answered NO.

Phone Company: Two workers who represent the phone companies testified that in the hours around Michael’s death that Conrad Murray was texting and calling people. One of the witnesses was Harry Daliwal, an AT&T area manager (iPhone) and the other person was Jeff Strohm who works for Sprint Nextel. .

  • Conrad Murray had used two cellphones that day, an I-Phone and a Sprint cellphone.
  • Records show 26 cellphone activities from 6:30am to 4:03pm.
  • They declared that Conrad Murray NEVER called 911
  • Two of those calls were made at 12:03 and 12:04 PM
  • Conrad Murray also sent textmessages at 12:15, 12:18 and at 12:53.
  • Conrad Murray also called his girlfriend Nicole Alvarez. The record shows that this call was made at 1:08 PM
  • Harry Daliwal also said that it is possible to recover the contents of text messages, but that he does not know how to do this.

Doctor’s from UCLA: One of the UCLA doctors that took the stand was Dr. Richelle Cooper, the ER doctor, and the other doctor was Dr. Thao Nguyen who is a cardiologist.

Dr Cooper:

  • The EMT’s contacted dr. Cooper at 12:57 for advice. Dr. Cooper than gave the paramedics permission to pronounce MJ dead.
  • On arrival Conrad Murray told the doctors not to give up on his patient
  • Dr Cooper declared that it was very difficult to get information about Michael from Conrad Murray. Dr Cooper told Conrad Murray would be in charge during transportation.
  • Dr Cooper told the court Michael was DOA (dead on arrival) but the still worked on Michael for 1 hour and 26 minutes.
  • Michael had a condom catheter when he arrived at the hospital
  • Conrad Murray told dr. Cooper he felt a pulse at arrival, however nobody else who worked on Michael at the ER was ever able to feel a pulse.
  • When dr. Cooper asked Conrad Murray what happend Conrad Murray told him he watched going Michael in cardiac arrest.
  • When dr. Cooper asked Conrad Murray about Michael’s health he told the doctor at the hospital there were no health issues and that he was in good health.
  • Dr Cooper asked what medication Conrad Murray gave, Conrad Murray admitted giving Michael Lorazapam, Flomax and Valium.
  • According to dr Cooper there is a protocol regarding the use of Propofol. This protocol requires certain monitoring to administer propofol. There needs to be equipment available to monitor the airway. There must be heart monitoring. There has to be a staff person available as their only job to monitor the equipment/patient. So that the patient doesn’t die
  • Dr Cooper was asked if she knew Conrad Murray gave Michael propofol. SHe told the court Conrad Murray did not tell her this.
  • Dr Cooper made it very clear she treated Michael only for cardiac arrest,.
  • Dr. Cooper was asked how much propofol she would give to someone with Michaels weight (136 lbs), she told the court she would start with 60mg.
  • When she was asked what a 25mg dose would do she told the court that 25mg wouldn’t last longer than 5-10 minutes and a dose wears of in 20-30 minutes.
  • Dr Cooper declared that all those different kind of drugs that were given to Michael, had an accumulative effect.
  • Dr Thao Nguyen:

  • Dr Nguyen was called to the Er by dr. Cooper
  • When dr Nguyen asked Conrad Murray at what time Michael went into cardiac arrest Conrad Murray told her he didn’t know because he didn’t have a watch.
  • Dr Nguyen asked Conrad Murray if he gave Michael any sedatives or narcotics, Conrad Murray denied that he did.
  • When the doctor was asked if Murray said anything about propofol dr. Nguyen answered NO.
  • Conrad Murray told dr. Nguyen that Michael was getting ready for a tour. Because of sleeping troubles Conrad Murray said he gave Michael 4 miligrams of adavan (mirazapam) via IV.
  • Conrad Murray couldn’t tell the doctor at what time he give the medication to Michael.
  • Dr. Nguyen and Conrad Murray agreed that Dr. Nguyen would try a balloon pump and if that would fail they would declare Michael dead.
  • One of the doctors testified that she told Conrad Murray that in NO WAY the amount of drugs that Conrad Murray told them he gave to Michael would result in the death of Michael who according to the doctor weighted 136LBS.
  • Dan Myers:

    Dan Myers is a detective working for the Police. He talked mainly about the phone calls Conrad Murray made and received during that fatal day.

    • 7:01am Conrad Murray called to Andrew Butler, a patient of Conrad Murray.
    • 8:49am Angelette Guild, another patient of Conrad Murray, called Murray to ask about the note she received saying that Murray wouldn’t be in his office.
    • 9:23am Conrad Murray called Marissia Bioni, he is the father of her friend.
    • 10:22am Conrad Murray received a call from Dr. Prechad. She told Conrad Murray she was with one of Conrad Murray’s patients and ready to perfrom a procedure. She did need to know what kind of medication that patient was receiving, and if she should continue medication. Conrad Murray and Dr. Prechad discussed the care for this particular patient.
    • 10:34am Stacey Howel Ruggles, Conrad Murray’s personal assistant, was called by Conrad Murray. Conrad Murray requested her to draft a letter concerning the upcoming tour Michael would have in London.
    • 11:07am another conversation with Stacey Howel Ruggles.
    • 11:18am Conrad Murray called his practice in Las Vegas.
    • 11:26am Call from or to Ms. Morgan.
    • Between 11.26am and 11.51am Robert Russel called Conrad Murray. Robert is a patient of Conrad Murray.
    • 11:51am Ms Saday Adinie was or has called. This regards an objection to some kind of irrelevant conversation they had.
    • 12:12pm Michael Amir Williams was called by Conrad Murray.
    • 1:08pm Conrad Murray called his girlfriend Nicole Alvarez.

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    1. carina for mjj says:

      “When the paramedics got Michael into the ambulance they had to wait for him (Murray) to join the team” And when Martin Bount looked around he saw Conrad Murray walking around through the bedroom window.Outrageous and above all unbelievable behaviour when you have a dying (really dead) patient tranferred to hospital ER.
      He was hired for 7/24 work and should have made arraignments for his other pt`s to call and be taken over by another doctor,

    2. Hayat says:

      @Carina for mj
      My thoughts exactly.. If he was hired by AEG to be Michaels personal physician, why was he handeling all these other patients at the same time he was ‘caring’ for Michael?
      He was payed a huge amount every month to do so, soley for Michael’s care, why did he make all those calls, about all his other patients? What I don’t get is the fact that one of his collegues had to call Murray to ask about a procedure he was doing on his patient, asking what drugs he had used.. Now I may be wrong, but doesnt every patient have a medical file in wich everything from A to Z is being noted, all the history of that particular patient?? What was the need in calling a doctor when you already have all the info you need?
      Its mindblowing how this charlatan ‘worked’.
      Its even more frightening to know he had other patients under his ‘care’… An ignorant ‘doctor’ that didnt know how to perform CPR or give mouth to mouth resusitation…? A cardiologist none the less?? I mean, even I learned how to perform CPR – and I’m just plane Jane!
      He was just the puppet, Murray.
      Mark my words.

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