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Murray Pretrial Hearings – 01/07/2011 (Second Source)

Seven @ 5:03 pm

Day 4: 01/07/2011 (Second Source)

True Peace is not merely the absence of tension; it is the presence of Justice. -MLK

True Peace is not merely the absence of tension; it is the presence of Justice. -MLK

SOURCE: http://www.justice4michaeljackson.com/day04.php

Sade Anding:

  • She is claiming she was Conrdad Murray’s girlfriend on june 25th 2009, she comes from Houston, Texas.
  • She met Conrad Murray late februari earlie March in Houston
  • She worked as a coctail waitress in Houston.
  • Sade says she was on the phone with Conrad Murray, who called her, at 12.30 Houston time this is 10.30 LA time.
  • She was on the phone with Conrad Murray for about 10 minutes when all of a sudden Conrad Murray didn’t respond back anymore.
  • Sade heard rumble noise on the background and heard somebody mumbling but can’t tell who that person was.
  • Because Conrad Murray didn’t respond she hung up and tried to call back about 5 minutes later.
  • Conrad Murray didn’t answer her phonecall.
  • A few days later the police visited her to ask her questions about Conrad Murray.
  • All this time Conrad Murray never contacted her till after the police visit. He told her than NOT to talk to the police without HIS Lawyers being present.

Bridgette Morgan:

  • Was first asked if she knew Conrad Murray, she said yes and pointed him out.
  • When asked what her relationship with Conrad Murray was she said the relationship was social.
  • She has told the court she met Conrad Murray in a club in 2003.
  • She was asked to point out her phonenumber and she did. Than she was asked if she called Conrad Murray on june25th 2009 and she said she did but never spoke to him directly that day.

Nicole Alvarez:

Nicole Alvarez is Conrad Murray’s girlfriend., at the time she met Conrad Murray she worked as a stripper.

  • Nicole Alvarez and Conrad Murray met in 2005 in a club at Las Vegas where she worked at that time and that they developed an intimate relationship.
  • Has told the court that Conrad Murray sent several packages to her Los Angeles home between April and June 18th 2009, she didn’t mention what was in the packages she only recieved and signed for the packages.
  • The packages came from Allied Pharmacy in Las Vaegas and contained Propofol according to the evidence, in total there were 7 shipments.
  • She was asked if she knew Conrad Murray was married and the defence called for objection.
  • She was also asked if she knew Conrad Murray had 6 other children and again the defence called for objection.
  • When asked when she got pregnant with Conrad Murray’s baby she said she didn’t know.
  • Nicole Alvarez didn’t know at first that Conrad Murray worked for Michael Jackson, but later on she said she kind of figured this out. She also said she knew Conrad Murray worked somethimes but she didn’t know how or what because their relationship was on a need to know bases.
  • She never knew when Conrad Murray would come to see her.
  • When she was asked when Conrad Murray started to live with her she said she couldn’t remember exactly.
  • Nicole also told the court that since she has the baby Conrad Murray is with them more frequently.
  • The defence didn’t want to cross examin…

Elissa Fleak:

She is the investigitor from the Coronor’s ofice.

  • In June 25th she arrived at 17.20 at UCLA hospital to do an external examenation on Michael. She could not see any obvious external signs from what might have caused Michael’s death.
  • She obtained 4 bottles of blood from UCLA staff labeled Gershwin which. These bottle were brought to the coronors office so they could do toxiology tests later on.
  • After her examenation at the hospital she went to Carolwood Drive to investigate Michael’s room
  • There were 7 bottles/vails found on Michael’s bed amongst the items found were lorazopam, diazopam, tomazopam, trazodone, flomax, clonazopam, tizandine, hydroquinone, benoquin and three tubes of lidocaine.
  • On the right side of the bed, on the bedroomfloor, there was found a broken syringe, a needle, an oxigen tank, an IV stand with an attached IV kit, an IV bag with connected tubing, four unopend urine caps, Blue “ambu” bag and a nasal canua wich were seperated from eachother and therefor listed as a broken seringe.
  • There was also a seringe found on the table. An open box of disposable hypodermic needles was found on a table.
  • One opened 200mg propofol bottle on the floor and there was one 200mg open and empty bottle between two nightstands.
  • Most of the drugs were precribed by Conrad Murray.
  • On June 29, 2009 she returned to Carolwood Drive to see if she could find more
  • In a closet she found several bags, containing drugs.
  • There was one bag of bedoquin lotion.
  • There was a box with three 30ml bottles of Lidocane, two of those were empty and one still had some liquid in it.
  • She found one bottle of 100mg propofol in one of the bags that was cut open. She declared that this bottle was inside an IV bag. The bottle was open and had liquid in it.
  • She declared that she found another 20mg propofol bottle in a bag. This bottle was also open and had liquid in it. She also found a 10ml bottle of morazapam, open and with liquid in it. 2 10ml bottles of midazolam, both open and both with liquid in it.
  • She found a finger pulse monitor in a bag.
  • And yet she found another bag containing:2 100ml bottles of propofol20 ml bottles of propolf unopened(3?) bottles of 20

    3 20 ml bottles of lidocaine opened.

    1 30 mil bottle of lido unopened

    20 ml bottle of diazolam opened

    I can’t keep up. more unopened. 5 mi dia? opened.

    1 4ml ? opened

    1 4ml of diazopam unopened.

  • She found an unlabeled red pil bottle that contained 14 capsules emphederine.
  • She found 5 buscards from Conrad Murray.
  • She declared that the total bottles of propofol found was 12.

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  1. Rosario says:

    Thanks so much Seven for keeping us updated on the pretrial hearings. This is really important for Michael Jackson advocates. Very much appreciated.

  2. Chris says:

    Thank you for your hard work! It´s very much appreciated!
    One thing, the drug “hydrocodone” was NOT found in MJ´s bedroom, it was “hydroquinone”, and that´s a very different med, it´s used for skin bleaching, and it´s form is a fluid. “Hydrocodone” is a strong pain killer, causing many side effects.
    Mrs. Fleaj didn´t mention “hydrocodone” on form 3A, but “hydroquinone”!

  3. Seven says:


    You are correct. I have been all over Twitter and FB trying to correct this because someone tweeted this erroneous information as well.

    I want to point out again that I copy/pasted these notes. They are someone else’s notes from the pre-trial hearings. These are not my notes – I was not at the hearings. I have made sure that this is corrected at the source as well though because it’s a big error. And – I have corrected this in the notes above.

    I checked the coroner’s report myself which I do have a copy of — and there was NO hydrocodone listed.

    What IS listed is hydroquinone – and that is indeed a very different thing!

  4. june says:

    Seven, I didn’t know until today you had this entire separate category of recap of the preliminary hearing (Murray Pretrial Hearings) at the top of your site. Thanks so much for doing this. When I get back from work today I’m going to read it all. And having the “second source” is a real help!

  5. carina for mjj-777.com says:

    Tank you seven for these notes.I will have to attend a conference so there will not be much time
    on my hands .Hope these notes stay on the post and that somebody prints them.There are so many
    details.Will jurors get a word for word transcript at court?I know these probably are not the official transcripts here.

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