Jun 05 2010

More Michael Jackson in Ireland: Bishopstown House Was to be His Irish Retreat

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Oh how I wish he’d have stayed there. Ireland. Which Michael clearly loved and could have had an actual normal existence there (well except that son of a Bush who outed him to all and sundry just before he left).

Here’s a little tidbit that came out just yesterday, about Bishopstown House. Michael’s friend Paddy Dunning, owner of the lovely Grouse Lodge where Michael recorded while there, was apparently secretly having this dilapidated house renovated for him to be used as a retreat for himself and family.

Here’s the place. Notice the new wooden wing at the back of the house.  Here is an advert for its rental now as a self-catering mansion/retreat.

Bishopstown House

Bishopstown House

Bishopstown House - Master Bedroom

Bishopstown House - Master Bedroom

Bishopstown House Dining Room

Bishopstown House Dining Room

Bishopstown House Alternate View

Bishopstown House Alternate View

A HOUSE which Michael Jackson was refurbishing as an Irish retreat is to be launched as a self-catering holiday mansion.

Bishopstown House in Co Westmeath was bought in trust for Jackson in 2006 by the well-known entrepreneur Paddy Dunning who owns the nearby Grouse Lodge Studios which are popular with artists such as R.E.M, Manic Street Preachers and Snow Patrol.

Jackson spent time in Ireland in 2005 after his trial on allegations of improper relations with minors and fell in love with the house which was in a dilapidated state.

The house was being renovated just before Jackson’s death last year and was left in limbo.

It was while recording demos of his new album in 2006 that he decided to look for a more permanent home in Ireland before discovering Bishopstown House which is in Rosemount.

In 2008, Dunning applied on his behalf for planning permission to Westmeath County Council to refurbish the house and add a number of maisonettes. There were also plans for an indoor swimming pool. At the time the fact that the work was being done for Jackson was kept secret from the public.

All restoration work was stopped on Jackson’s death, but Dunning decided to finish the job having got permission from the Jackson family to do so. The renovated house has six spacious bedrooms, most of which feature four poster beds, and it can sleep 13. Most of the rooms are en suite with large bathrooms on a new wooden wing all featuring outstanding views of the surrounding countryside.

Apr 10 2010

Where There is Love, I’ll Be There: Michael Jackson in Ireland, Part III

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Since I wrote “Porridge, Picking Apples and Peace: Michael Jackson in Ireland“, Parts I and II, more charming and heartwarming stories about Michael’s time in the Emerald Isle have surfaced, so I’d like to share them with you. I didn’t expect to add any more to this series, but these stories are simply too wonderful to keep to myself, so I’m adding a third part here, and will add more if necessary!

Once again, Eugene Lambert of Lambert Puppet Theatre and Paddy Dunning of Grouse Lodge reveal a bit more backstory about Michael’s time spent with them.

It all sounds as if it was absolutely Heavenly for Michael – at least until one self-interested, ignorant and cocky American reporter announced to everyone around that Michael was there. We all know how self-serving, inconsiderate, and barbarian the U.S. media is, so I guess it was inevitable eventually. Poor Michael. He’d finally found his peace and there was the U.S. media once again in short order to take it from him. Nonetheless, Michael did find at least some peace in the World before he left it and I am happy for that.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jackson was a ‘down to earth doting father’ recalls Sligo puppeteer

Michael arrived in a banger of a car, with his three children. There was no big entourage, just one security man and an au-pair. They spent over two hours with us, enjoying a show we put on for them and then sitting around having tea and scones. When we discovered it was Michael’s birthday, Judge sang him the happy birthday song and Michael happily sang along. It was a great day, a lovely memory.

. . .

We have a small sweet shop in the theatre, and as we were about to start a show for Michael and his children, one of the kids asked if they could have sweets. I told the lad to help himself, and the next thing Michael was in the shop filling his pockets. He was quite literally the child let loose in the sweet shop, and he loved it.

. . .

He clearly loved his children, and they equally loved him. They had a lovely, normal relationship. He struck me as a very kind, gentle person. The children were perfectly behaved, they had impeccable manners and they wouldn’t touch anything without permission.

It was very much a normal family scene, and I really couldn’t relate the person I met to the man portrayed in the media. To me, he was an ordinary, lovely man, and we got on really well together. I was quite fond of him.

-Eugene Lambert, Lambert Puppet Theatre

The Return of Waxo Jacko
(of course I KNOW Michael despised the moniker “Whacko Jacko” and I do as well, however, this is in loving fun, as you’ll see)

I NEVER ASKED him to moondance, and I never asked him for a picture. Michael said that when he was leaving. He said, “Paddy, you’re the only person who I’ve met in my whole entire life who’s never asked me for a picture.”

-Paddy Dunning, Grouse Lodge

Paddy Dunning and Waxy Michael

The photograph that accompanies this article, and in which the two do finally appear together, is of a live Dunning and a brand-new waxwork of Jackson, which went on show yesterday at the National Wax Museum Plus; another of Dunning’s businesses.

After the 2005 trial in California, when Jackson was acquitted of charges of child sexual abuse allegations, he spent very little time in the US. Five months of 2006 were spent in rural Westmeath at Grouse Lodge.

. . .

Across the road from Grouse Lodge is Coolatore House, a beautiful late Victorian mansion, which can also be rented by artists or the public. Jackson lived in the Grouse Lodge complex for a month, and at Coolatore for four.

. . .

Once the family arrived, the gates were closed and the Jackson children settled down to a routine of lessons in a small room off one of the studios, playing with Dunning’s two children in the afternoons. Jackson made his own porridge in the mornings, favoured grilled chicken, fish and rice for dinner, went for walks, and read The Irish Times daily.

He was very interested in how this country worked, and the boom that was on here at the time. He was an avid reader of The Irish Times ; he read it every day from start to finish.

-Paddy Dunning

At the time of his death last summer, Jackson was reported to be taking an extensive range of drugs on a regular basis. However, Dunning says he saw no evidence of this.

Not that I saw and he was here, or around, all the time. We’d go for walks, and he was fit. Michael could move really quickly; I’ve never seen anyone move so quickly. He was like a ballet dancer. -Paddy Dunning

The staff working at Grouse Lodge did not even tell their partners who the studio’s current resident was, although Dunning himself cracked. “I eventually told my mam,” he confesses.

And then my mam was saying prayers for Michael. And then Michael rang his mother and told her that my mother was saying prayers for him, and then she was saying prayers for my mother, so I went back to my mother and told her ‘Michael Jackson’s mother is saying prayers for you, Mam’. My mother is a small little lady up in Walkinstown and it’s just mad to think that Michael Jackson’s mother was saying prayers for her. -Paddy Dunning

Jackson, one of the world’s most recognisable faces, sometimes left the estate to explore other parts of Ireland, usually accompanied by Dunning. How was it that nobody in Ireland appeared to notice him?

“Sometimes they did,” Dunning replies simply.

Sometimes I’d drive him to Dublin and we’d pull up a red light and Michael would look out the window, because he’d be sitting up front with me, and a person would not believe their eyes. They would go into semi-shock at the sight, not knowing what to believe – is this Michael Jackson that’s pulled up alongside me on Dame Street or wherever? -Paddy Dunning

The pair of them sang in the car as they drove around the country.

Although I’m a crap musician, I can say I’ve played with Michael Jackson. I played drums with him. And I sang with Michael. We’d be singing in the car. We sang that song, The Girl Is Mine, that Michael recorded with Paul McCartney. He did Paul McCartney’s part, and I did Michael Jackson. -Paddy Dunning

One of the places that Dunning took Jackson was to the nearby Hill of Úisneach, a historic site associated with the High Kings of Ireland.
He loved history and mythology,” says Dunning, who is developing a Mayday festival around Úisneach – the Festival of the Fires – which will, he hopes, eventually radiate out across Ireland.

. . .

Although staff, neighbours, the shopkeepers at Rosemount – and Dunning’s small children – kept quiet about the fact Michael Jackson was in residence, in the end, a US reporter eventually revealed his whereabouts. One Billy Bush, nephew of George Bush senior, first cousin of George Bush junior and presenter of Access Hollywood , a syndicated cable entertainment-news show, arrived to interview Jackson in Westmeath. He went into nearby Moate straight after filming and told the men, women, children and dogs in the street where Jackson was. “Stupid man,” Dunning says mournfully, but really, could any other result have been reasonably expected?

Jackson departed the midlands soon afterwards, to attend the funeral of soul icon, James Brown. He left the Dunnings his television; toys that had been bought for Prince Michael Junior, Paris and Blanket; various hats; a signed piece of wood (all visitors sign a slice of tree trunk); and a page of scrawled signature in the Visitors’ Book. “He was a very generous man,” says Dunning.

Jackson had agreed, in theory, to open Dunning’s Wax Museum last summer.

We’d told him about the museum. He was always interested in wax museums. He said, ‘If I’m around, I’ll launch it for you’. He was due to be in England at the time to do the shows at O2, and we were going to be going over to the shows and all of that. It was a massive shock when we heard he was dead. -Paddy Dunning

A note Michael left to Paddy Dunning thanking him for the hospitality at Grouse Lodge & Coolatore house

A note Michael left to Paddy Dunning thanking him for the hospitality at Grouse Lodge & Coolatore house

_ _ _

{ Thanks to my friends Saskia and Blanaid for finding these additional heartwarming stories about Michael in Ireland! -Seven }

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Mar 29 2010

Porridge, Picking Apples, and Peace: Michael Jackson in Ireland Part II

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As promised back on March 21, this is Part II of ‘Porridge, Picking Apples, and Peace: Michael Jackson in Ireland‘, covering the music he worked on with Mr. Will.I.Am of the Black-Eyed Peas at Grouse Lodge.

In Part I we discovered the wonderful peace, serenity, warmth and friendliness of the Irish people that Michael experienced in Ireland, loving the place so much that he had begun looking for  a permanent residence there.

Before I get started on Part II in earnest, I want to point out that there is a somewhat convincing poser (probably many) on YouTube claiming to have unreleased music of Michael’s. The music is posted under the name ‘7even‘. There is no entity – The Estate / $ony, or any other record label which would allow any of Michael’s unpublished music out on the internet before it is formally released.  Thus, I suspect these are at very best, leaked snippets, but likely completely fake.  So, don’t be taken in by these posers. It’s extremely doubtful these would be out there if they were truly Michael’s unreleased music.

Remember how quickly $ony swatted the song Michael did with Lenny Kravitz back into oblivion when it was leaked on YouTube? The song was called ‘Another Day‘ and is due to be released as a single later this year.

I won’t buy it because it’s from $ony and well, I know their modus operandi and their disgusting abuse of Michael in life and now, in death.  He despised them and I know that Michael himself would never want this, or any other previously unpublished music of his released on that label and I will honor that – they are Michael’s wishes.

The only reason any of Michael’s music is being (re)released on that label now is because of John Branca, who has missed no opportunity sell any and everything of Michael’s to make lots of profit for all his corprate friends:  Opus • Grammy • MusicCares • $ony.   Branca sits on the boards of most if not all of these entities and is furiously selling all that is Michael Jackson to make his friends plenty of profit, especially $ony.  This is why his being executor of that estate is highly suspect and a blatant conflict of interest.  Michael fired John Branca previously for just such conflicts of interest. It now resumes in Michael’s death. It’s a daggone shame. Too bad the judge that $ony likely paid to look the other way somehow just doesn’t see this. It’s truly amazing how money can make a man with perfect 20/20 vision totally blind. But I digress again. That’s a story for another day. On with the artistic stuff that Michael and Will.I.Am were working on together . . .

Grouse Lodge

Grouse Lodge

Talking with Spinner.com, Will.I.Am said of working with Michael in Ireland:

I am so grateful to have worked with the King (and always will be King) of the music industry. He was a gift to the world, he is a bright light and I wouldn’t be surprised if the world stopped spinning tomorrow. -Will.I.Am

Michael is no longer here, but with John Branca selling (note I said selling, not giving or leaking) Michael’s musical and personal property left and right to garner profit for his various corporate buddies, it is unlikely that anything heretofore unheard or seen would be leaked before ample profit could be made from it by whatever entity or label properly or improperly owns or controls it.

And just to give you an idea of how protective even Michael himself was of his new music, here is what Will.I.Am has said about Michael’s care in being sure the music is safe from loss or theft, as he talks about having worked with Michael on this new album:

It’s something Michael has never done before – a dance music album. It was going to be out of this world. I was very proud of it.

He was very protective and kept it under lock and key. After we made it I had to hand back every demo. He was a perfectionist and didn’t want anyone to hear it until it was ready. -Will.I.Am

Will.I.Am told BBC at the Glastonbury Music Festival that the new materials were kept by Michael:

He had all the hard drives because I didn’t want to be responsible for that,” he stated. It’s one thing to lose a Black Eyed Peas hard drive. I move around a lot and to make songs with Michael Jackson and risk me losing that music, I didn’t want that responsibility. So he kept all the stuff that we worked on. -Will.I.Am

$ony, I’ve heard, is trying to coerce Will.I.Am to give them rights to release this new music on their label. Again, if it is released via $ony, I will not be buying it.

Depending on who you ask and where you read, Will.I.Am has said about this album:

1. He is not sure whether the album will be released since it had not been finalized when Michael passed away.

2. The album will not be released.

Personally, I’ve encouraged Mr. Will.I.Am NOT to cave into $ony’s coercions and either not release this music at all, or to do it via another label – one that Michael himself didn’t despise and that isn’t so self-serving, greedy, manipulative, and abusive.

Below is a clip of Will.I.Am and Michael working at Grouse Lodge, likely in Studio Two, which he is said to have preferred:

Studio Two in Grouse Lodge, Ireland

Studio Two in Grouse Lodge

And as if we didn’t already know Michael was a musical genius, Paddy Dunning of Grouse Lodge says that Michael was adept at playing most any instrument, and could play all the Beatles songs on piano. This must have been a magical and delightful time for all who were present!:

Michael actually spent most of his time recording in Studio Two. He really seemed to like the sound of that room. What was amazing for me was discovering just how incredible Michael was at playing any instrument. He’d sit at the piano and play all the Beatles songs for us to all sing along to, or get on the drums, or play guitar. Michael was working with people like Rodney Jerkins, Will.i.am and other musicians, but the tracks he recorded were never finished. -Paddy Dunning

Ken Waters found what is probably now quite a treasure and added this interesting bit:

We still have one of Michael’s old keyboards here. It’s a battered old Casio keyboard that I actually nearly threw out by accident. I guess he just used it for ideas or as a MIDI controller. -Ken Waters

Thank You Note To Grouse Lodge From Michael & Family

Very Gracious Thank You Note To Grouse Lodge From Michael & Family

And with this, I end this short series. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and will leave me a comment with any differing or additional info you may have. I don’t mind correcting copy after the fact if it seems necessary and giving credit where it is due. In regards to Michael’s musical work with Will.I.Am in Ireland, I can only hope that we will be able to one day hear it or at least some of it and if we are so lucky, that it will not be published by the evil entity (IMO) known as $ony Corporation.

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Mar 21 2010

Porridge, Picking Apples, and Peace: Michael Jackson in Ireland Part I

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I had originally intended to publish these pieces prior to and on St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th) but had to get something else off my chest first. Part II will follow shortly.


Bernard Allen as Lord Mayor of Cork met Michael Jackson back stage in Pairc Ui Chaoimh in 1988. I was the lucky photographer there to capture the moment. I brought a selection of shots taken earlier of Michael arriving at Cork Airport and suggested to the Lord Mayor to have Michael autograph them. When Michael saw the photos he looked through them with excitement, laughing and jumping around. He had no problem in autographing them, but the strangest thing was, he asked to keep a few of the shots for himself. May he rest in peace. -John Sheehan, Photographer

Michael Jackson had a fondness for Ireland dating back to his performances there in in Cork in 1988 and Dublin in 1992 and 1997.

Besides public appearances in Ireland, Michael had a personal interest as well, having gone back in the Summer of 2006 for about 18 months, to escape the media and find some peace and a normal life for himself and his children after the hideous crucifixion of of 2005 he endured, and after having lived in Bahrain for a while. During this time, Michael rented a number of estates throughout Ireland.  He seemed to have been able to find both peace and an escape from publicity and media in Ireland, having even contemplated making it his permanent home.

My personal wish is that Michael had stayed in Ireland so that he’d still be here with us, and so that himself and his children could have the normal and peaceful life they deserved until or unless they wanted to be in the public eye.

Thus, I agree with Ian Halperin in Part 3 of the ‘Michael Jackson in Ireland‘ video series that ‘if Michael had moved to Ireland, he’d still be breathing today‘. Mind you I don’t trust Halperin’s books, films, or any of his propaganda on MJ as they are mostly bunk, but I do agree with his statement in this particular video. Halperin, in my own opinion, is an incredibly poor yet incredibly over-promoted authority on Michael Jackson. What else can we expect from a media that is just as poor an authority on Michael as Halperin is? But, I digress.

Returning to the subject at hand, in Part 1 of the ‘Michael Jackson in Ireland‘ video series, it is mentioned that among other things, Michael also pursued the whimsical and intellectual while there. Michael stopped in with the children at Lambert Puppet Theatre in Dublin to watch a showing of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk‘. Then, given Michael’s love for books, he went on a midnight book run at what I assumed to have been Hughes and Hughes bookstore, though I do not know which of their many locations Michael visited.

And apparently, some of the first things Michael also did in Ireland was to go for KFC (of course!), go for Chinese takeaway, and go bowling. I knew about the KFC, but I guess our King of Pop liked to bowl too!


Part 2 of ‘Michael Jackson in Ireland

He was mad into Irish history … you know he started getting into Irish music as well…It was great that the Irish just left him alone.

Ever the doting father, Michael made a couple of visits to Jumpin Jack’s Leisure Complex in Tullamore with the kids:

He seemed to be a guy that was happy to have a night out with family. There was no pressure on him…


Part 3 of ‘Michael Jackson in Ireland

Ireland became his sanctuary in the last few years of his life. He even contemplated making it his permanent home.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

He loved Ireland for the people, the countryside…it was just a nice place and he found peace there. -Miko Brando


Part 4 of ‘Michael Jackson in Ireland

In Summer of 2007, Michael went to the distinctive Ballinacurra House to stay for a while:

I popped my head through the hedge and there was Michael Jackson moonwalking in the moonlight.

“Take the horse and pick apples”

They Wont Go When I Go

'They Wont Go When I Go' - Stevie Wonder sang this song at Michael's memorial

“When Michael Jackson invites you to work on music with him, you go to wherever he’s recording. Will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas went to Ireland for Jackson. When he got hungry, Jackson took him to the drive through. “I’m like, ‘I’m hungry,'” Will recalled. “He says, ‘Why don’t you take the horse? Take the horse and pick apples. It’s wonderful. We love doing it. The horses love going apple picking.’ I’m like, ‘All right…” -Will.i.am


The clip below is from a Dateline Special called “The Secret Life of Michael Jackson“. Michael met up once again with Riverdancer Michael Flatley, whom he’d met previously on tour in 1996 when both of them were in Australia. MJ stayed a while at Flatley’s Estate, Castlehyde.

He could be completely himself somehow here, away from the world’s prying eyes. -Michael Flatley

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We felt really very sorry for him. He was looking for home. He really was trying to look for normality. -Des McGann of Ballinacurra House

Friends Remember Michael’s Special Fondness for Ireland:

Blackwater Castle in Cork, Ireland

Blackwater Castle in Cork, Ireland

My wife Sheila is very much into her healthy food and she had a bowl of porridge every morning so she gave some to Michael, he loved it and he insisted on having a bowl every morning from then on….His children adored him and he was a very good, loving father. He brought them here because they had been hunted down in Disneyland Paris and they were looking for a place to escape. He raised them to be very well mannered and very polite and all his decision’s centred on the children’s best interests.” -Patrick Nordstrum of Blackwater Castle in Cork where Michael stayed for 2 weeks.

The man that I came to know was kind-hearted and a gentleman. It is tragic that he spent his life being hunted. I hope he has found his little piece of heaven now. His children adored him. They would ask me if I would race their dad and tell me proudly that he would win because he was so tall and fast. You could tell they really looked up to him. Even at the end of their stay, when they were leaving for home, the children jumped into the limousine and Michael made them get out again and come over to thank each and every one of us for our hospitality. His real personality only really emerged in the privacy of the woods. The shyness left him and I saw a much more boisterous and loud spirit who loved playing with his children. That quiet-spoken Michael that you would see in the media instantly disappeared. He loved apple pie and ice-cream and really enjoyed being in the privacy of the castle grounds and I know he loved the friendliness of the Irish people. -Liam Sheehan, a magician who performed for the children during their stay at Blackwater Castle

Michael had originally only intended staying in Westmeath for a month, but ended up living here for five months. Michael was an amazing guitarist, he was incredible on the drums, he stunned everyone when he got behind the piano, but most of all, you can’t overstate his singing voice. -Paddy Dunning, owner of Grouse Lodge Recording Studio where Michael worked with Will.i.am in October 2006 on what was purported to be a new album of dance music.

Stay tuned for Part II Soon! I’ll cover Michael’s work at Grouse Lodge in October 2006 – at least as much of it as anyone knows of, which is seemingly little, so Part II will be shorter. Maybe.  🙂
_ _ _

{ Thanks to my friend ‘Insanity X’ for the compilation of links about this subject! Saved me a lot of work. -Seven }

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Aug 31 2011

The media’s apparent refusal to speak to experts regarding the Conrad Murray trial

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Media bias?

Media bias?

During the past week or two, there has been an effort on behalf of a few people to have Dr. Patrick Treacy and Dr. Barry L. Friedberg on the Dr. Drew show. We have contacted Dr. Drew’s PR people, who referred us to booking personnel at CNN/Turner. I acquired the contact info for those responsible for booking guests on the Dr. Drew show and sent them a respectful email asking that they invite these two doctors onto the show, and explaining in detail why I think they’d be excellent guests at this time. I received a pleasant, positive response from Ms. Cameron Baird simply thanking me and stating that she would contact these doctors.

Why the Dr. Drew show? Simply because that show was one of the first out the gate recently with many guests on to speak about the Murray trial. Those guests though, with all due respect, are not those who were around Michael for significant amounts of time in very recent years prior to his death. They were not experts in the field of anesthesia (propofol is an anesthetic and that is what killed Michael), and/or not doctors who treated Michael directly and who have first-hand experience in doing so. Drs. Treacy and Friedberg both have some or all of these qualifications. Yet thus far they have not been invited on to the show.

We are also aware that recently, ‘In Session‘/HLN had scheduled Joe Vogel to be on their show but then rather suddenly pulled him and instead chose to have Diane Dimond on. Vogel is the author of a soon-to-be-released book and an expert on Michael Jackson’s creative legacy.

Dr. Drew, and in some cases his guests, seem very interested in presenting one particular angle or point of view regarding the Murray trial and Michael Jackson. That seems to be the angle that Michael was a drug addict, eccentric, demanding, and that he had no nose and bleached his skin. I’m not sure what the latter two items have to do with the Conrad Murray trial but Dr. Drew discussed these on his program.

Dr. Patrick Treacy treated Michael himself for vitiligo and he has affirmed that Michael did indeed have this disease, as does the autopsy. Karen Faye, Michael’s make-up artist for most of his life, has said unequivocally that Michael had a normal nose, not a “prosthetic” one. These are tabloid rumors that have long-since been debunked, so it is disappointing to hear them repeated by a doctor on television who almost certainly knows better, but that is a separate issue.

What is mainly of concern here is that there are other perspectives or points of view regarding the Murray trial – from those who are experts and who have first-hand knowledge of having treated Michael medically in recent years before his death. For instance Dr. Patrick Treacy’s experience with Michael was that he was no addict at all and never asked for, nor was he prescribed any drugs while Dr. Treacy treated him for the 6-8 months Michael lived in Ireland in 2006-2007. Also, Dr. Treacy has stated that no drugs were seen in Michael’s home while there and that Michael refused any anesthesia for any procedures without a qualified anesthetist present. Further, Michael never asked for anesthesia or any drugs outside of legitimate medical procedures.

Dr. Barry L. Friedberg is a board-certified anesthesiologist. He contends that Conrad Murray was very reckless in his treatment of Michael and claimed that “The only thing more reckless Murray could have done was taking Jackson up in an airplane and pushing him out without a parachute.“. Dr. Friedberg has also said that since Conrad Murray has publicly admitted giving Michael propofol and then abandoning his patient, that he is not entitled to a presumption of innocence.

Both of these doctors have very different opinions and perspectives about the Murray trial than Dr. Drew or his other guests thus far. In order to provide the public with  balanced knowledge and varied perspectives on the case, it is puzzling that these doctors have not also been invited onto the show, though. Are guests with certain perspectives deliberately being shut out and avoided by the media and in particular, Dr. Drew/HLN?

Below is the letter (email) I sent to Ms. Cameron Baird on August 23rd regarding inviting Dr. Treacy and/or Dr. Friedberg onto the show:

Hi Cameron,

My name is Seven. I was given your name by Maria Ebrahmji at CNN.

Myself and my fellow writers have been watching the publicity surrounding the Conrad Murray case with great interest and admittedly a great deal of consternation. The reason for this is that one of my fellow writers, Deborah Kunesh, as well as myself, have had the opportunity to interview Dr. Patrick Treacy, who personally treated Michael Jackson in Ireland in 2006-2007, as well as many other people who were around Jackson during his life, and in the period before his death. Dr. Treacy is a highly-respected cosmetic surgeon and humanitarian from Ireland.

I would like to suggest that you invite Dr. Treacy on the Dr. Drew show as I feel he has some very important information to share about Mr. Jackson that the public needs to know, especially with the upcoming trial of Dr. Conrad Murray next month. With Dr. Drew having covered addiction issues so thoroughly in his shows, this might be of much interest to viewers at this time, and a good forum to help get another perspective out there. I hope you will consider it.

Dr. Treacy was interviewed on a radio show where he shared how Michael Jackson had never asked him for any kinds of drugs or medications during the course of their doctor/patient relationship. He never saw any drugs in Jackson’s Ireland home and to his knowledge, he was the only physician treating Mr. Jackson during his stay in Ireland.

Dr. Treacy also has emphatically stated that during the time he treated Mr. Jackson, that Mr. Jackson refused to be put under for any type of procedure with any drug (propofol, for instance, which Dr. Treacy mentions that he used on Mr. Jackson during a procedure) without a qualified anesthetist present. This is very important information that the public should hear because the opposite impression is being given by much of the media, and it would be coming from a doctor who treated Jackson personally.

Here are links to some interviews that Dr. Treacy did recently in regards to this matter:

The below is an interview Dr. Treacy did along with Ms. Deborah Kunesh:

And, the following is a very important (but heretofore censored) interview that was done with New York Times award-winning journalist Aphrodite Jones where Dr. Treacy speaks on this issue:

I would also suggest that you may want to consider having Dr. Barry L. Friedberg, author of “Getting Over Going Under” on your show. Dr. Friedberg is a board-certified anesthesiologist for 30 years. Since propofol is an anesthetic, he has had some very interesting comments about Jackson’s death. In his book, Dr. Friedberg very clearly states that he feels that Dr. Murray was very irresponsible and that Michael’s death was a predictable, avoidable tragedy. He thoroughly explains the use of propofol and also explains how the different benzodiazapines given to Jackson prior to the propofol enhanced the respiratory depressing effect of the propofol, almost assuring that Jackson would stop breathing and, since no resuscitation was available – that he would die. He explains how Murray’s claim of trying to “wean” Mr. Jackson off of his propofol “addiction” was a statement based in fallacy since propofol is not physically addictive. You can view the pages of that particular chapter of Dr. Friedberg’s book below:


We have also been in touch with Dr. Drew’s PR person, Valerie Allen, in regards to inviting Drs. Treacy and Friedberg on Dr. Drew’s HLN show. They indicated that they would speak with the CNN producers about the matter.

Should you choose to invite these two fine doctors onto Dr. Drew’s show, you can contact them via the following:

You can reach Dr. Treacy in Ireland at +0000000000 (NOTE: I’ve omitted Dr. Treacy’s phone here for privacy)

You can reach Dr. Barry Friedberg at one of his California offices:

3535 E Coast Hwy
Corona Del Mar, CA 92625
(949) 380-0828

Another of his offices:

City Tower
101 The City Dr S Ste 2150
Orange, CA 92868
(714) 456-5501

Here is Dr. Friedberg’s website:

I realize that this is a lot of information, and so I thank you very much for your time and consideration. If there is someone else we should contact regarding this matter, please advise.

Best Regards,


This letter was sent one week ago and thus far, Dr. Treacy has not heard from Ms. Baird, nor has Dr. Friedberg. During this past week though, they did cancel Joe Vogel‘s appearance on ‘In Session‘/HLN and replace him with Diane Dimond.

What does it tell us when certain very qualified and knowledgeable guests such as Dr. Treacy and Dr. Friedberg are apparently excluded from being invited onto Dr. Drew/HLN, while others with lesser expertise and lesser (or no) first-hand experience regarding this case are welcomed? It seems to tell us that coverage of more than one particular perspective on the Murray trial – at least by the Dr. Drew show – is intentionally being avoided. And because millions obtain their information from shows such as this on many issues, that should concern us all, no matter which perspective we agree with, because we’re not getting the whole story and therefore we’re also not getting the truth.

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