Jul 09 2012

Joe Vogel does it again in “Featuring Michael Jackson”

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Joe Vogel’s new work, ‘Featuring Michael Jackson – Collected Writings on the King of Pop’, available July 11th, 2012

COMING JULY 11, 2012!

“Joseph Vogel has brilliantly cracked the DNA, the code of the work, the artistry of Michael Joseph Jackson.” —Spike Lee

“Vogel’s voice is dignified and powerful. I very much respect what he has to say.” —Bill Bottrell, Grammy-winning Producer, Songwriter and Collaborator of Michael Jackson

“Without calling much attention to itself, Vogel’s writing is quietly incendiary and often rather delightfully subversive.” —John Scott G., Music Industry Newswire


U.S. — U.K. — Germany — France — Spain — Italy — Japan

Ebooks available the first month for just $3.99!

In this slim new collection, critically-acclaimed author and journalist Joseph Vogel gathers together some of his most informative and provocative pieces on the late King of Pop. Featuring ten articles and a previously unpublished bonus chapter, this fascinating mosaic explores a wide range of subject matter: from the impact of race on Jackson’s career, to the ways he challenged and expanded the definition of “pop,” to behind-the-scenes histories of his songs. Based on original research and personal interviews with the singer’s close collaborators, Featuring Michael Jackson is a book no fan or music history buff will want to be without.



1. Second to None: Race, Representation, and the Misunderstood Power of Michael Jackson

2. The Top Ten Michael Jackson Songs of All-Time

3. “Don’t Be Messin’”: The Story Behind Michael Jackson’s Infectious Bad-era Demo

4. Dangerous, Nevermind and the Reinvention of Pop

5. Inside Michael Jackson’s “Hollywood”

6. On Morphine

7. “Blood on the Dance Floor,” 15 Years Later

8. “Am I the Beast You Visualized?”: The Cultural Abuse of Michael Jackson

9. Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson Immortal Takes Audience on a Dazzling Ride

10. Gone Too Soon: The Many Lives of Michael Jackson’s Elegy

BONUS CHAPTER: Have You Seen His Childhood?

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