Jan 03 2014

UPDATE: Part III Now Available – August 2012 Interview with Reverent June Juliet Gatlin (MJ’s spiritual advisor) for Vanity Fair

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Reverent June Gatlin (Michael’s spiritual advisor) has allowed me to share this interview, done with journalist Mark Seal of Vanity Fair in August 2012. I don’t read that magazine so am unaware whether any article resulting from this interview was ever published.

Rev. Gatlin describes how the title “This Is It” was given to her as a title of Michael’s “Book of Life” which she discussed with him before the shows / tour of the same name was ever conceived. She also talks about how exhausted Michael seemed to be and says that she didn’t believe he could do the 50 shows they signed him for. She discusses how he mistrusted Tohme Tohme along with many others around him and how he wanted everything new around him – that he was changing everything and in the process of taking complete charge of his life. Michael, she says, was puzzled as to why Jermaine would introduce him to Tohme and she expresses surprise (like many of us did) as to why Tohme jumped into the media spotlight after Michael’s death claiming to (still) be his manager even after he was clearly let go.

In Part II, she breaks down when talking about how she knew she needed to get to him on the morning of his death, but was unable to make it. I’ll write no more about the interview here except to say it’s worth a listen. Thank you Rev. June Gatlin for sharing this with us! As much as journalists tend to edit/twist/leave out facts, particularly where Michael Jackson is concerned, it was probably a good idea to record it!

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