How to design an office decoration? More practical and beautiful

Many people are still willing to design a home office that is comfortable for work and study. However, cabinet design is still very specific, good design can make cabinet more practical and beautiful. So how should research be organized? Today I will share with you some knowledge about office decoration!

1. Self study

1. Place table against a wall or window. This layout is more suitable for a small independent office. Place desk against wall and then place a row of bookshelves on wall for easy access to books. Place desk by window for a wide view and you can relax when you relax.

2. The table is in middle. In an office with a large area, desk can be placed in middle, and view will be wider, it can not only meet needs of office and study, but also receive guests.

3. Large table + small table + stool. If study area is relatively large, shape of desk is not limited. Whether it's a square table or a round table, more stools can be placed on either side of table. If there are children at home, you can also put a small table in corner of office so that you can read and study together without interfering with each other.

2. Open study

1. Living room and office

Using corner space of living room, living space and work space are combined, and office is also part of living room. Bookshelves and half-wall partitions can be used to create clear dynamic and static partitions.

2. Balcony office

It is a very common design technique to turn a balcony into an office. Enclosing balcony space and turning it into a small study room allows full use of space, which is more suitable for smaller homes.

3. Restaurant and study

Combining a dining room space and decorating it as a study isn't common, but it's also a good design technique. This is a rationalized project based on actual dimensions of house.

4. Study in bedroom

In bedroom and study, integrated design of wardrobe, desk and bed is a relatively common design method. You can make a built-in writing desk next to your bedroom bedside table that can be used as a dressing table or used for work and study. The above is a cabinet design for you, I hope you find it useful.

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