Is kitchen 5 square meters small? If you want to destroy your friend's big kitchen in seconds, these 10 details will determine success or failure.

The common kitchen space is not very large, so how to meet needs of everyday life in a limited space, and then have both beauty and storage space, this is topic we will talk about today.

The kitchen in my house is not very big, but after finishing it kills big kitchen of a friend's house in seconds. Do you want to know how to do it? These 10 Details Determine Success or Failure! Share it with your friends who need decoration and quickly decorate your house like this!

1. Tables are not enough

It can be used as a pull-out table, which is very convenient to use. Its purpose is to expand table and increase functionality of operating table!

2. Not enough storage space

Using a basket in partitions allows for best use of space. The basket for dishes is most common functional basket in closet, it is usually installed under operating table or gas stove, so that it is convenient for cook to take and arrange things at will.

3. Suspended mixers

Very convenient to prepare and carry water.

4. There are not enough outlets in kitchen

Make a lifting bar, one for three.

5. Section

There seems to be plenty of storage space, but you can't find it in actual use. If you have conditions, you must make a box. The utilization rate is high, and it is very convenient to take it.

6. The sink table must be raised

As a rule, it is about 10 cm higher than countertop, so you do not feel tired after washing and cutting vegetables.

7. The sink should be a large single and built-in.

The pot is easy to clean and transforms into a double sink in seconds.

8. Make tall cabinets outside chimney

Not only does it look good, it also has a powerful storage feature.

9. Bonnet panel leaks affect overall feel

It's not as good as a flat hanging cabinet, it's neat and pretty and can be used inside.

10. The corner is not empty

It is better to make a storage table with small electrical appliances on it, and underneath there are multi-tiered shelves for fruits and vegetables.

No matter how small a space is, it can be very useful when planned wisely. Pay attention to collection and update the most popular jewelry knowledge every day!

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