The bustle of city also has a place to relax, and graduation photos can be placed in a 94㎡ American country-style two-bedroom wedding suite!

Urban workers who have been in a busy and fast pace for a long time usually want to have a place where they can rest their mind and body, either go on a trip to relax or have their own home. relaxed and comfortable environment you want to have mood to travel at home. Take a look at this small high-rise in a bustling city, a 94㎡ two-bedroom apartment remodeled in American country style, if you don't tell me, who knows calm and comfort after entering door?

The decoration uses a large amount of open and cultural brick, and when you enter door there is a feeling of relaxation and rest

The decoration on wall is simple, with spotlights, restaurant area is also equipped with industrial style American style wooden tables.

A hollow bar cabinet is designed between entrance and living room, bottom of which can be used as a shoe cabinet, and bar items can be stored in a hanging cabinet, which is fashionable and petty.

To keep light in room, kitchen is equipped with glass sliding doors and wall tiles on both sides are also in coffee gray mosaic with soft tones, which is very expensive.

The combination of traditional brick and solid wood always allows people to feel the freshness of communion with nature.

Whether it's newly built walls or cultural bricks adorned on walls, they all give people a raw but subtle sense of livability.

The bathroom is not spacious, but combination of white walls and gray floor is very tidy. Now, most finishes are like white bread bricks, which are suitable for bathrooms and kitchens.

The dressing room is a separate space, and dressing table at end is also a desk for more functions.

The hidden space under window is also built into a small closet that can store a variety of items.

The master bedroom has a small bathroom that is more convenient to use at night.

Would you envy fact that you have such a leisurely two-bedroom rustic house, living in a fast-paced job in bustle of city?

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Urban workers who have been in a busy and fast pace for a long time usually want to have a place where they can rest their mind and body, either go on a trip to relax or have their own home. relaxed and comfortable environment you...
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