Do not blindly open cabinets for decoration. Do not open these 4 cabinets. It is not worth wasting money!

For decoration, many older people find that more cabinets are more practical, and they start building cabinets when they find a place that can be used. Although original intention was to have more storage space and practicality, there are many people who feel that even if money is a little more, it's worth it. Is this really so? The experience of people who have been here proves that more cabinets are actually not better for finishing. You can’t blindly determine, especially cabinets in these 4 zones. Did you fall for this?

Regardless of size of bathroom, storage space is also a headache for many homeowners. If there is no provision for making a niche, then they will consider opening a storage cabinet in a dry area and wobbling shower area. The people who come here will tell you not to open it. Although it is a dry room, but bathroom is full of water vapor. Even if it is not exposed to water stains, it can warp wood, not to mention mold, and it smells easily after long time.

Many also chose wine cabinet in restaurant. It can store a lot of wine or other restaurant decorations. It is rarely used, but mostly dusty and takes up a lot of space. After a long time, it will turn into a closet for small things, and more you look at it, more dirty it seems.

Many people would like to build cabinets on balcony for storing all sorts of things as a super waiting area for building. Imagine that there is a washing machine downstairs, and you can put some toiletries on it. But after moving in, I learned that only way to get things on locker is to stand on a stool, or store some rarely used tools. After all, you can only put washing powder on place where cabinet door opens. This is only way to be comfortable , but linen It can also be placed under liquid, so there is no need to spend so much money to build a closet.

At first, I was talking about a cabinet built into TV wall in living room. How practical is that. Place books or jewelry on it. When I actually moved in, I found that it wasn't. Difficult, it's really not as strong as a white wall, if you need a bookcase, why not build one in study? Have you opened cabinets in these four positions? How do you feel after moving?

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