500,000 Marriott has graced two downtown bedrooms, clash of massive wood and bare walls creates an artistic new home!

For center of a big city, price of house itself is very high, house is not too big and can be considered an elite house, and price is comparable to a villa in suburbs. The decoration, of course, will be of a high class, otherwise it will not correspond to its value. Take a look at this $500,000,000,000,000,000 two-room apartment, which is mostly made of solid wood. The living room even uses cement as a finish on bare walls. Despite its rough appearance, it has a delicate and high-quality appearance. design sense that looks like a work of art!

When we talk about luxurious decor, we don't mean how luxurious decorative effect is, but design is very high class, and at first glance it has a trendy star texture. The background wall is made of cement mortar to create a rough texture of bare wall, fabric sofa of same color is very soft and harmonious, making hard texture much warmer.

The background wall of TV is decorated with natural marble and wood in black and white, and TV cabinets are customized, integrated with TV wall, which looks beautiful, stylish and practical.

A group of bar-style work tables are designed on balcony, which are decorated by window and combined with living room, separated from each other and combined with each other, which makes interaction more natural.

The kitchen is directly open. Nowadays, most of life of petty bourgeoisie is cooking. Young people mainly eat on street on weekdays. It's only when they're enjoying holiday time on weekend that they enjoy cooking on their own. pleasure.

The design of porch cabinet is a particularly western-style dressing room and also open. The set of mirror cabinet doors and full-length mirrors have all functions, and can also have an expansion effect.

A good home design should not only have a natural and fashionable shape, but also a reasonable and appropriate storage space.

The design of a mirror can also make a space feel more open.

For busy office workers, comfort of bedroom is more important than any other space. Only by providing a comfortable sleep, they can relieve physical and mental exhaustion caused by a busy day at work.

TV wall, TV cabinet, dressing table and wardrobe - all this is indispensable. The wall is still cement gray, and blackout curtains are drawn to provide a comfortable sleeping environment.

In addition to playful colors that kids need, a kids room design should also have specific design triggers to develop their passions.

The combination of colors and functionality of small furniture inspire children's interest and practical brain skills. Reasonable storage design can also help children learn storage by life example

The design of bathroom is simple and stylish, mostly black and white, clean and spacious.

The toilet is equipped with a hidden water tank, which saves space and looks neat and clean.

Quality life helps people learn to enjoy it. A double bathroom design with a shower and bathtub could be more convenient, right?

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