120,000 soft best friend ornaments, simple decoration and face change into a high-end mansion, Nordic Mediterranean style is so lovely

"Light finishing but heavy finishing" used to sound like an excuse for elders to save money, but after looking at how my girlfriends decorate a new house, I found that this method of finishing is very rational, not to save money , but Show more how to spend money in useful places. My best friend's house is a two bedroom house with over 90 square meters. The house is not really big and size of apartment is also a very ordinary bungalow. The hard finish is fully covered by decorative company. Except for simple shape of ceiling, there are almost no other decorations. The expected cost is only 80,000 yuan, and upholstered furniture is separate, and 120,000 yuan is included directly. This is obviously a simple decoration, and soft decoration is completed to become high-end small foreign house.

The hard finish floor is paved with matte floor tiles and walls are simply decorated with stucco lines. If you look only at hard finish, then everything is quite simple. The suspended ceiling is deliberately lowered, which is also a popular treatment in recent years, which is also very attractive.

The kitchen is made open, and a set of bar counters is designed between entrance to dining room, which is actually a continuation of cabinets. For convenience of subsequent operation, lighting is installed under wall cabinets, which is quite practical.

The dining room is connected to living room, and restaurant occupies a relatively small area, is made in form of booths, is called a restaurant, but in fact it is a casual book bar.

The TV wall has a simple effect with plaster lines. Wearing this set of Mediterranean retro TV cabinets is trendy but also very western. It matches overall style and effect is pretty good.

Milky white with lemon yellow and dancing orchids on coffee table - whole house is filled with warmth and vitality.

The upholstered furniture in corners is very cute, filling whole space with a cute and cozy atmosphere.

The design and color scheme of master bedroom and living room are similar, and soft furnishings are also light and light, giving it a fashionable and cute look.

The house is an H-type house with a bathroom between two rooms. The space is not too big, but it is not cramped when it is separated from wet and dry. It has a separate shower room and washbasin. marble cabinet. It is durable and not afraid of water. Quite western.

The tatami mats made directly in study are not solid wood boards. Such high-quality composite boards are also quite durable, and appearance is also very beautiful and effect is good. Such a two-bedroom apartment is a small thing. costs?

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"Light finishing but heavy finishing" used to sound like an excuse for elders to save money, but after looking at how my girlfriends decorate a new house, I found that this method of finishing is very rational, not to save money ,...
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