Successfully moved into a 118㎡ fresh Nordic small four-room apartment, beautiful and practical, and best friend boasted that it is ten times stronger than the model room.

The new house was put up last year, and aired for a month at end of last year. This year, because of epidemic, they also aired for a long time. I just moved in a few days ago. The house is a compact four-bedroom house of 118 square meters, with a small area. But functional area is very complete, decoration avoids heavy tones, but chooses fresh and light colors. The overall decoration has a healing atmosphere, fresh Nordic style , beautiful and practical, not boastful, even girlfriends say better than model The house is 10 times stronger, hurry to show it to everyone!

The log cabinet group is designed in hallway, storage partitions are very reasonable, there are louvered shoe cabinets, drawers and closed dashes, and inside there are even open shelving, which is very suitable for placing flower pots and flower racks are suitable.

The kitchen is equipped with glass sliding doors that better retain interior light and brightness.

The sideboard and entrance hall are combined and leaning directly against wall, forming an L-shape, not to mention saving space, but very beautiful. The dining table and chairs are actually ordinary logs, but in combination with tablecloths they immediately become soft and warm.

The TV wall has no shape, it's almost a white wall, but with TV cabinet and acrylic text laid out on wall, it immediately looks much taller.

The size of house is small, so living room is actually quite small. In general, it looks like a small apartment. The fabric sofa with sofa for two is warm and natural.

Green plants on sides of sofa. For home, most important thing is a warm, harmonious and bright atmosphere.

The house is small and storage cabinets need to be strong, otherwise more you live, smaller it will be.

The color scheme of master bedroom is crisp and fresh too. I prefer clean ones. I don't like elegant and artistic sense, especially those dark tones or black and white tones. It depends on everyone's preference.

The dressing table is simple style, and side drawers and whole bed are same, and cost is quite high

There are no deep tones in parents' room, such a light yellow-white color can bring joy to life.

The children's room is relatively small, and house has a self-study room. The children's room is made entirely of tatami. The area is small, but the capacity is not bad.

Children live and study in same room, so it is very convenient to do homework and so on.

The overall cabinetry is made from logs, and combination of color and white looks fresh and natural, giving it visual feel of a gourmet kitchen.

The bathroom cabinets are all finished products and countertops are also custom made in white to match kitchen, neat and beautiful.

The living balcony is equipped with hanging cabinets and floor cabinets that can be used to store small items and linen. The washing machine simply fits inside. life. The decoration of this house is not only practical but also beautiful. The more you look at it, more you like it. What do you think?

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