126㎡ three to four bedrooms, 4㎡ dressing room up to 20㎡, super practical!

Nowadays, high-rise buildings tend to have a lot of common spaces. Regardless of size of house, which is 126 square meters, total area alone covers almost 30 square meters, and remaining space is only about 90 square meters. m. The original three-room apartment turns into a small four-room apartment. It will be more convenient to live if there are more functional areas. Separate dressing room is only 4㎡, do not underestimate it, storage area reaches 20㎡ in area of ​​4㎡, which is more practical than large dressing rooms, and small houses do not rush to learn!

The TV wall in living room is made of drywall, which is relatively simple, but also has an American style, unlike shape of fireplace, but it is more suitable for decoration in such a house than shape of fireplace.

The living room is decorated in colder colors and relatively light colors. With retro red and green décor, whole style is a few steps up.

The background wall of sofa is painted in light blue and creates a feeling of warmth and elegance. There is not only a TV wall but also a projection screen that can be used as a theater to watch blockbusters at home in future.

Choose a beige fabric sofa that fits perfectly with atmosphere.

The dining and living areas are next to each other and floor is covered with large beige floor tiles, neither bright nor gaudy, and effect is just right.

The overall style is American, and combination of light blue walls and beige and white furniture is very trendy.

Riveted dining table and chair style is a popular American style dining table and chair for families.

The oversized cabinets in kitchen are also custom made in white, and tile on wall is bright, which is of high value and easy to maintain.

The daughter's room is not big, it's sunny and light is good, combination of pink and white is very girly.

The master bedroom is same as living room, with blue latex paint, retro style furniture and soft furnishings. In general, bedroom looks stylish and elegant.

The working area is small, a dressing room is separated from it, overall design is tatami, in future it can also be used as a guest room.

This is a divided dressing room, only 4㎡, not much space, but both sides are cabinets from top to top, leaving a passage in middle, and storage space is 20㎡, which is very cool.

The balcony is also very popular, with tables and chairs for relaxing, stands for fresh flowers, especially with small flower tiles on ground, which are very alien

There is only one bathroom, which is directly separated from wet and dry. The shower area is equipped with a glass partition, which can keep bathroom clean and fresh at any time!

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