Is a small apartment with simple decor more like a rented house? The 36㎡ old apartment built with 40,000 yuan is high-end and trendy!

Many people are prejudiced against small houses. The smaller house, more they believe that no amount of luxurious decorations will save them from feeling like a cheap rent. However, in front of more experienced designers, space layout layout is strong. Even without decorative finishing, house can be turned into an elite mansion. Believe it or not, take a look at this 36-meter mansion of a special shape. old apartment, whole house is decorated in white, there is no additional decoration, and whole decoration costs only 40,000 yuan. This effect has a higher value, especially for a high-end fashion house with a starry view!

It's mostly done in black and white, with no other bright colors, but whole living room looks glamorous, and bookshelves and side tables are particularly avant-garde creative furniture. The price is not high, but appearance is very fashionable and storage ability is also quite strong.

The bedroom is a very small cubicle, single bed is very warm and recessed wall makes it more private.

The original bedroom space has been completely dismantled and area near entrance has been subtracted to create an independent walk-in closet that can be accessed through a door.

The kitchen is made open, although space is quite spacious, in fact, whole space is open, kitchen, living room and dining room are in one space, which looks very grand

The floor is completely covered with laminate, price is not too high, it is strong and durable, it is relatively easy to maintain.

For today's youth, cooking is not about frying. Most of them are healthier.

The dining room is right next to balcony, and side concave wall is simply built into sideboard, simple but functional and beautiful

The size of house is small, all walls are painted white, and light floor is matched to match earth, there is no extra color, and it looks more advanced and fashionable

Black and white decoration, black and white furniture, black and white style has always given people a sense of nobility and glamour.

I remember to decorate oddly shaped walls, black and white graffiti scrapbooks, even a folded small desk on wall, it has that high-end IT office style too, don't you think?

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Many people are prejudiced against small houses. The smaller house, more they believe that no amount of luxurious decorations will save them from feeling like a cheap rent. However, in front of more experienced designers, space la...
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