The hard finishing of new house is completed, it is cleaned and dried, and furniture and appliances are still in good condition!

A year has passed since renovation of house. The renovation, which was originally scheduled to be completed in February, has been delayed until now. Hard finishing has finally come to an end, cleaning and drying smell in preparation for purchase of furniture and appliances, although these have not yet arrived in place, but effect looks good, let whole house shine!

The house is three-room, not too bright, but layout is very good, with a few changes, very residential.

The entrance hall and dining room are connected together. The wardrobe for entrance hall and sideboard are made to order. The sideboard is still a continuation of wall. They say it's a wall, but it's actually a cabinet same thickness as wall, saving space.

The cabinets are all white because light in house is not very bright, this white tone makes whole space very light and it looks quite spacious.

The living room is quite spacious, walls are covered with popular wall coverings, which are environmentally friendly, and color is similar to color of wallpaper. Looks much higher than latex paint, etc. The main thing is that it has not been painted with latex paint smell.

The background wall of TV is specially decorated with hard bags. Although TV is not hung, it's nice to just stare at wall alone.

The oversized cabinets in kitchen are also custom-made and size fits well, they are same white color as custom-made oversized cabinets, and overall they are harmonious and unified.

The gray wall tiles and marble countertop paired with white cabinetry looks pretty neat and has a Scandinavian feel to it.

The custom-made wardrobes in master bedroom are right upstairs, and even door spares no space.

The balcony I brought is very powerful, community can't be closed down, I'm planning on doing some protection and a sun terrace could also be done.

A corner bedroom is still acceptable. Windows open on both sides. It is a corner location and can be used as a children's room. She is light.

The entire practice room is made of custom-made tatami mats, closet and bed are combined, and storage space is very spacious.

The writing desk is also located by window, and cabinets in this room are more pleasing to eye.

The bathroom and kitchen tiles are same. Although matte surface looks good, it is not easy to clean. A glossy surface is much easier to clean, especially in kitchen. Matte tiles are prone to oil stains Stains, such a gray tone is also quite fashionable.

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