To save money and make a simple finish, 60,000 works and materials were made, and neighbors are always jealous when they see it!

My husband and I are both foreigners. Studying, working and settling down here is really not easy. After paying for house, there is not much money left for down payment, so registration is as simple as possible. it saves money. Design drawings are not required, and decoration starts directly on a flat surface. Although materials are not first line brands, they are all bona fide brands recommended by relatives and friends. The price is very expensive. It cost 60,000 yuan, kind work and materials, furniture and appliances bought online and I will be preparing to move into a new house next week. The neighbors are jealous after visiting and they show off !

The only thing that has a bit of shape is false ceiling. After all, this is our first home. Just painting walls seems a little monotonous. Such a simple decoration immediately raises living room to several levels.

There is nothing to complain about TV wall, maybe everyone will say that it is a little tasteless. Such a large hand-drawn flower is not attractive, but it's quite another thing if it's hand-painted, right?

I didn't buy particularly expensive furniture. All furniture was relatively simple. The dining table and chairs were lacquered to look like wood, which looked good in the new house.

The kitchen is not big, cabinets are also made by finishing company, countertops are artificial stone, and color is too light, so I'm afraid it won't last long.

Two of bedrooms are not large, and the current bedrooms don't have balconies, just a bay window that can be used as a tatami and storage space, which is quite convenient.

Whether it is a closet or a bed, they are all bought online and size is considered good, so location is also quite good.

The small bedroom is prepared for children, it is small, and closet wall is also narrow, but it is just right for children to live in it, and there is no crowding in it.

The bathroom is quite small, only about 3 square meters, it's a little laborious to install a shower and then a toilet. Although it is not a luxury home, the effect is quite satisfactory. You get what you pay for, warm and comfortable!

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