120,000 to build 110㎡ simple and beautiful 2 bedrooms. I like decoration of living room most. The small drum stool is cute and fashionable!

I bought a 110 square meter two-bedroom house. Over past two years, simple and beautiful Scandinavian style has become more popular, but relatively speaking, I prefer fresh and elegant simple and beautiful style. Therefore, when decorating new house, there was no doubt about style. A simple and beautiful style was directly chosen. The accessories in later period were also bought according to designer's sketch. The final effect was good. I especially liked decoration of living room. The solid part of decoration cost 120,000. Furniture and upholstery cost more than 80,000 yuan, and my girlfriends praised her for visiting, so I will show it to everyone~

This is overall effect of living room. There is no bright spot in hard finish, but sofa and stool are still very eye-catching. Over past two years, they have become more popular. This stool can be used as a seat or as a pure decoration, which is very practical.

The TV wall has no shape, it hangs directly on wall, clean and tidy, protect your eyesight.

The background wall of sofa is decorated with hanging paintings. I originally planned to paint wall white, but the designer thought a little gray would look better, and it really is.

Despite lack of sculpting, design of this line of plaster is also very beautiful.

The dining room is designed like a cubicle. It's a long space, and balcony part is an open study. The use of space is absolutely perfect.

This office space is not too big, but quiet and well lit. It is very easy for people to calm down. This is a very suitable place.

The sliding door at back is kitchen. Although lighting is good, a glass sliding door is chosen to brighten up space.

The master bedroom also has floor-to-ceiling windows, and current homes don't have balconies, so it's nice to be that light.

A whole range of closets to side, built-in wardrobes are neat and tidy, storage spaces are also very good.

For sake of children, floor of the floor is made of solid wood composite. Children also like this kind of bunk and bunk bed, which has an American style of relaxation.

The bathroom is installed according to your preferences. The bathtub is specially installed, thinking that in future it will be possible to take a bath, but for convenience, a shower and a shower curtain are installed. It is also very convenient to take a shower sometimes when you want to hurry. It works well, right?

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