80,000 hard decorations to create a 92㎡ log style, only shape is living room ceiling, unexpectedly beautiful than model room.

After buying a house, I don't have much money left. Although I don't want to be content with decoration, I can't make it too fancy. The budget is relatively limited. I set ratio between soft decoration and hard decoration, and I don't think about hard decoration. Too many colors, just clean and neat, and later style soft decoration can be found. Thus, hard finish costs 80,000 yuan. With exception of a simple false ceiling in living room, decoration of entire house is mostly formless. Furniture and soft furnishings are complete. This style of logs is amazingly beautiful. , and friends praised him Number model, post it for everyone to see!

The lighting in house is not bad, but although overall wood is decorated in dark colors, main finish is deliberately white, which can make the house feel more spacious.

Dining room and living room are arranged in a straight line, with partitions and integration with each other, which can make interaction and emotional communication between family members more convenient.

This is overall effect of living room. The TV wall has no shape and back wall of sofa is made of log veneer. The only form is ceiling on top surface, which is still a simple straight ceiling. .

Furniture is customized to your comfort level, creating a relaxed and comfortable feeling of being in a family.

Because it is a high-rise apartment, area of ​​the house is still a bit small, but it is furnished with exquisite and small furniture, which makes room look bigger.

Looking at dining room and entrance from living room, whole space is long, showing warmth of the hearth

The house itself is equipped with air conditioning to make it more comfortable in winter and summer.

The dining table and chairs are made from this thin-legged log, which is a very fashionable and popular style.

The kitchen is also fitted with glass sliding doors as a room divider, allowing for relatively high lighting and appearance.

The side cabinets are perforated and simple cabinet doors look very stylish.

Bedrooms are mostly white and floor-to-ceiling, and bespoke log wardrobes accentuate entire room with a fresh sense of Harajuku comfort.

The desk is made in form of a window, light is bright, vision is better, it is very convenient to study.

The master bedroom is a little more spacious, and solid wood furniture, combination of this log and white color, makes you feel calm.

The bathroom has a relatively standard area of ​​4.5㎡, with a separate glass shower room. Now arrangement of dry and wet separation is more convenient to use. Is this hard-finish effect of log furniture pretty alien?

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