DIY soft decoration designer, whole house accessories rely on online shopping, and an emotional Nordic cottage can be built for 100,000 yuan!

After a few months of inactivity, I suddenly became interested in cleaning house. It just so happened that house, which was renovated in second half of last year, had not yet been given a soft finish, because I was in no hurry to live in it, but initially planned to put it in order and rent it out in a year. but now my interest has suddenly changed. As shown in red picture, all upholstered furniture, furniture and household appliances in house were purchased online. The whole house can be bought for 100,000 yuan. , This effect is reluctant to rent out!

First, in original floor plan, east-west orientation of house is less transparent than north-south orientation.

Initially, after finishing it was planned to be used as a bedroom, there was no concept of a study, so I planned to change entire functional area when I live alone.

Built-in wardrobes are made to order in hallway, which saves space and does not take up space, and is just right for storing shoes. The open kitchen is especially popular, and this is also a fashionable fashion style recently.

The dining room is made in form of a terrace, which can be used not only as a place to sit, but also as a place for storage. The space looks much cleaner. The dining table and chairs are made of solid wood, which is simple but very fresh and natural.

The hard decoration is relatively simple and almost completely white. After all, original idea was to rent it out, and there's no fancy shape here.

All of sofas in living room are designed in Scandinavian style, customized online, and background wall is also a custom-fitted photo wall. You don't need to change photos, original drawing looks very special!

If you don't look at decorations on white walls, you'll feel gaudy and without bright spots, but black and white curtains and beautiful dancing orchids bring entire living room to life.

A fabric sofa pairs with a log coffee table for a trendy and casual look.

The kitchen is open, but range hood and stove are deliberately placed in interior space, and a brand new strong suction range hood has been added, and a fresh Japanese-style curtain is installed in future, so oil vapor should not be an issue.

The floor is covered with laminate, like living room, covered with latex paint on all sides, Scandinavian-style bedding and linens, effect is good.

The wardrobe is made in an individual style. Now it seems like wardrobe is most powerful when it comes to hard finishes.

The second bedroom has also been put in order, it is still very good as a guest room, and in future it can be gradually converted and turned into a nursery.

This room was originally intended to be a bedroom, but has now been turned into an office. If you live alone, you really need a separate office

The bathroom is separated from wet and dry and equipped with a glass partition. This type of shower screen is relatively cheap and very practical. The 100,000 yuan for soft finish includes all furniture and appliances, except for hard finish. powerful?

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