80,000 yuan for a fruity two-bedroom Scandinavian wedding hall A veneer TV wall costs 800 yuan The more you watch, better it looks

The new house is a three-room high-rise building with an area of ​​97 square meters, house came down in middle of last year, and they started repairing it only in September, because I'm not in a hurry. , and it is also a wedding hall. It is enough to leave time for drying, but decorating time is also quite enough, hard finishing is very fast, and will be finished in 2 months, because there is no complex shape, and cost of decoration is low, everything will be done in amount of 80,000 yuan , and later soft finish will be done according to designer's rendering, and sometimes color system is a little different, but finished effect is really good, with a fresh and sweet feeling of fruity Nordic style. The veneer wood panel TV wall is very attractive, and its cost is only 800 yuan. Is such an effect worth a hard installation?

The overall effect of living room: latex paint on back wall of sofa is light green, fabrics for curtains are all pasta, warm and soft, wall for TV is made of wood veneer, not solid wood like here. effect seems fresh and natural.

I bought a Scandinavian-style fabric sofa. The grayish hue matches overall vibe and effect is casual and trendy.

The dining room is at entrance, original type of house is a recessed space on side, which is simply done as an office on veranda, which saves space and makes whole entrance hall very tidy.

The master bedroom is made in a particularly Scandinavian style. The wallpaper on wall is selected in a gray style, and furniture is also selected in pleasant soft colors. The combination is especially fresh and refreshing.

The second bedroom is designed entirely with tatami. It is custom-made for a separate cost. At initial stage, it is planned to be used as a study, and it will not be a problem to use it as a children's room in future.

The kitchen is not too big, equipped with double finished corner cabinets. To express freshness of fruity color, background tiles of hood and stoves are chosen in fruity green, an expensive kitchen in an instant. .

In general, two bedroom house is quite free. The bathroom is also separated from wet and dry, and a separate shower room is installed. The tiles are also gray tones, which is very fashionable and in line with general Scandinavian style. ?

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