It took 3 months to update old used house and expect to move in at end of month!

The decoration was made many years ago. The house is small, but spatial layout is all right. The decoration of old house is quite old, mostly aging. After drawing up finishing plan, I deliberately saved photos before renovation. The house was renovated in three months. If you don’t look at previous photos, you really don’t remember how it looked before. If you compare, difference is really big. simple, and it is specially made Many settings, beautiful and practical, effect is really good, leave a comparison photo to record results of three months!

Originally, floor in living room was a wooden floor, color looked rather old-fashioned, and surface was also scratched.

The kitchen itself has a small balcony, with current habits of living it is more practical to have a balcony, so layout of the late renovation has not changed.

The house is old, walls are also aging, the latex paint has traces of mold in many places.

The tiles on balcony even fell off, and tiles on floor don't look like tiles at all, and they're still quite dirty.

The size of house is very good. All bedrooms have large balconies with very good views.

The porch is also separate, and most of layout of house does not need to be changed. 3 months have passed, and here is graduation photo!

There are custom-made cabinets in hallway, and floor here is directly pasted over with light-colored tiles. The entrance is more wear-resistant and durable. The kitchen is to right of entrance and overall look is brand new.

The living room not only has custom-made side wall cabinets to increase storage space, but design of TV wall is also very majestic. The gold-plated board is adorned with white wood veneer panels, which looks especially generous.

The original old-fashioned flooring has been completely torn down and replaced with herringbone laminate flooring. The balcony was also deliberately offset from living room. The popular Scandinavian-style hexagonal brickwork has been chosen, which looks casual and beautiful.

The finished TV wall looks very simple and elegant, without fussy colors and decorations, and has a trendy style of light luxury.

The original kitchen balcony was filled with junk, which was too wasteful, so hood was simply moved to balcony, and original kitchen inside could just be used as a dedicated operating room. Chinese and Western cuisines are popular these days, right?

The cabinets are all designed and built to size and fridge is left on side, so space utilization ratio is quite high.

The wardrobe is made individually for whole house, size fits well, and price is very reasonable, which is much more profitable than buying a ready-made wardrobe.

White cabinets also work better with furniture, and whole house can look much brighter.

The small bedroom is a custom-made overall tatami, bed, closet, desk, etc. - all this is a single whole.

The walls are all white and floors on ground are dark. The selection of shades also avoids situations with a heavy top. Now I'm waiting for furniture and household appliances, and I'm full of expectations of moving~

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