Bare marriage for two years and a new home, 100㎡ simple two-bedroom wardrobes all rely on opening, simple and practical!

I got married just two years after graduating from university. The conditions of two families are not very good. In end, I decided to rent a house and work hard. I don't think about home. Now that two years have passed, we cherish this set of naked marriages even more. We bought ourselves a new house with two bedrooms. We did all repairs ourselves. The size of cabinets did not fit and price was high, so we chose to make cabinets for whole house. super high. The finished effect is simple and practical. Now we only need furniture and appliances. After a while we will move after end of epidemic, and post photos of work done on Write it down!

The hallway area is quite small, after entering door it is almost a hall, a group of entrance cabinets is lined up to top, which act as a partition and can store a lot of shoes. façade is very clean.

The wardrobe is made up of upper and lower cabinets, with a table in the middle for placing keys, mobile phones, etc., so it's more convenient to get in and out!

In front of TV wall I wanted to leave it empty. Thinking that there is not much storage space in room, master suggested building a closet. The price is not high, and shape has a feeling. Costs. money.

Simple wardrobes make whole living room neat and beautiful, why not do that?

The tiles on ground are also laid with waveguide in an orderly manner. The house type is equivalent to an H-type house with two bedrooms and a bathroom sandwiched between them.

The dining room also has a full-wall sideboard, which is also very convenient for storing things.

The balcony is an independent space. Unlike many modern buildings, all balconies are built in. This type of outside balcony has a good view and is suitable for washing and drying.

The walls are covered with ceramic tiles, and countertops are also finished with marble, which looks like home.

There is a closet on balcony, and opening door of air conditioner is really ugly. It is very convenient to install a wooden door so that you can store all sorts of things inside.

All doors in interior are selected in white, which looks fresh.

Colorful wallpaper on wall of children's room. Now that children can't sleep on their own, room is ready first.

The cabinet is also sealed and drying time is quite long, so there should be no problem moving in in future.

The washbasin and like in bathroom are made in same style. If you choose white, bathroom will look much cleaner and tidier.

In an area of ​​about 4.5 square meters, there is an independent arc-shaped shower room, and I do not worry about bathroom getting wet all time. Although last two years have been very difficult, I finally have an explanation for me and my family. What do you think?

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