The sun has been living in a new house for 3 months, atmosphere is simple and beautiful, staying at home is like a vacation!

The new house was installed last year and we moved in middle of twelfth lunar month. The house is small, with two bedrooms of 110 m2, and finishes are not washed out at all. The designer made three sets of plans for selection, and finally chose this one. It has a fresh and simple style, and after completion, it looks like furniture and rendering. Owners and friends who visited air-dried community just finished installation are full of praise, and they have to dress accordingly. Now they have been living in it for three months. although you can't go out, staying at home in this environment is like a vacation, so let's enjoy it!

This is overall effect of living room. Lately, when I have nothing to do at home, I just clean it. She's pretty clean. The entry card area is designed with cabinets, which is very American casual.

The shoe cabinet in hallway is a built-in wardrobe with louvered doors, which is well ventilated, beautiful and practical.

No complex shape. The background wall of restaurant is decorated with diamond-shaped mirrors, and background wall of sofa is decorated with wall cloth, same as TV wall, making it neat and generous. .

To give overall effect of restaurant, I like this kind of American solid wood furniture, and I feel very comfortable while eating~

The cabinets in kitchen are custom made and they are also in white, marble countertops are easier to care for and tone and overall color scheme is just right.

The furniture and furnishings of master bedroom are slightly American in style, with a touch of petit-bourgeois fashion, bed linen is also festively changed - at first glance, atmosphere of a new home still reigns in it.

The second bedroom is much simpler, with whitewashed walls, a simple bed, desk and bookcase, and a drying balcony, mainly used as an office, and in the future could be used as a nursery~< /p>

The bathroom is separated from wet and dry, and shower area is separated by glass. The houses are not dark, and bathroom also has windows, which allows room to be ventilated, clean and comfortable.

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The new house was installed last year and we moved in middle of twelfth lunar month. The house is small, with two bedrooms of 110 m2, and finishes are not washed out at all. The designer made three sets of plans for selection, and...
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