The duplex on top floor is designed like a small American-style house, and balcony is a whopping 20 square meters, which is comparable to a small villa in a Western-style house!

I bought house early. Although I chose top floor because location of house is great and I didn't detail size of balcony at beginning, price is actually not much better than any of floors below., I was very satisfied when I received house.After all, terrace as a gift is about 20 square meters.So far, this price is like making hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted.The decoration has become American style according to my own preferences.A small two-level living room with high ceilings and hollowed out, combined with a seating area and a sun terrace, finished effect is comparable to a small villa in a western-style building, and whole house can be exposed to sun!

Because it's top floor, it's better than floor below because ceiling is higher. It is said to be a duplex apartment and there is enough ceiling for jumping between floors. It should be about 6.5 meters. The common space in living room is completely open, very bright and spacious.

There are two large windows in side extension of house, and interior walls of house are painted light yellow, which matches imaginary American style very well and creates a feeling of relaxation and comfort.

Inevitably, walls of living room are high and empty, and two small protruding balconies are made. The barrel-shaped round shape is very impressive, and it has beauty of Western architecture.

The dining room wall is same as living room, and kitchen is also equipped with glass sliding doors to keep interior spacious and bright.

The windows in kitchen are quite large and view from the outside is also good. The house is relatively square, with U-shaped cabinets and plenty of storage space.

Several spaces on top floor are connected together: a bedroom, a small separate dressing room and a small separate living room.

The whole wall is painted light yellow, matched with solid wood furniture, looks casual and especially creates such a relaxed home feeling

The daughter's room is mostly pink and decor is a little cute. The bay window floor is also fitted with tatami mats, and pillows are also very practical.

The study downstairs is also very light, with a whole wall of bookcases on side. Not only windows provide good lighting, but even doors are glass sliding doors. The house itself is on top floor, so light is better.

The bathroom is not bad, with a small balcony. It is mainly used for washing and drying. This is a separate small laundry room. The washbasin is outside. The overall layout is dry and wet and design is also very western.


This terrace is my favorite. The long space is furnished with beach tables and chairs for relaxing where you can grow flowers and plants and take in scenery. How many people envy such a life!

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I bought house early. Although I chose top floor because location of house is great and I didn't detail size of balcony at beginning, price is actually not much better than any of floors below., I was very satisfied when I receive...
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