Outdated simplicity? This black and white 128 square meter three bedroom apartment can't resist its charm!

Many people say that current home decoration style trend is simple and beautiful style, Scandinavian style. Young people especially like fresh and pleasant style of home decoration, which is relaxing and comfortable. They think that simple style popular in past 20 years is obsolete. Some of simple style has no form support, and it is relatively simple and unattractive. In fact, simple style pays attention to inner temperament. Take a look at this simple three bedroom area style 128㎡, whole house is combined with black, white and gray. Have motivation to successfully control quality of life, if you do not believe me, take a look!

The whole house is made of wooden floors. In terms of design, color scheme of whole house is black, white and gray. The TV wall is also a very practical and beautiful cabinet design.

The balcony has glass sliding doors and a seating table between balcony and living room to create a comfortable little space. The reception area has a formal and relaxed atmosphere!

The bathroom is separated from wet and dry, and space is large enough. The design of restaurant space is more fashionable. Western cuisine and restaurant are combined, and there is even a sink. very practical!

The choice of furniture also determines direction of the decor, and this group of trendy dining tables and chairs is an example of that!

The black and white style home is still afraid of dim light, so it's best to install glass sliding doors in kitchen~

White cabinets built into kitchen as a whole look gray and white and more advanced.

The toilet is divided into three sections, and bathroom and shower are separated by glass~

The water tank is also installed as a dark box, which is beautiful and spacious and can save a lot of space. The tabletop left on rear water tank can also be used to place items, killing two birds with one stone.

The bedroom is built along a simple route without fancy decorations. White wardrobes and log beds are paired with log floors. The bay windows are also simply lined with marble countertops.

The study room is designed as a whole with tatami mats, beds, lockers, tables and bookcases. Despite small space, it is still practical and gorgeous. This distribution of space is very suitable for small high-rise buildings with a lot of common areas. What do you think?

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