Originally designed 121㎡ three-bedroom high-rise home, a family of four is built into a streamlined small four-room suite, warm and comfortable, really amazing.

The original layout of house is a three-bedroom house with an area of ​​121 sq.m. Two children are already teenagers, a boy and a girl. Therefore, there was a strong need to turn house into a four-room. house with three bedrooms and an office. Whether it is our office or daily work of adults, it is already indispensable. However, total area of ​​high-rise buildings is really quite large. Excluding total area of ​​the house is less than 100, so such a 4-room apartment is really comfortable and powerful after construction is completed. you can use it too.

The restaurant is relatively independent, with a narrow and long space, leaving room on side to set up a dining table in a Western kitchen. The combination of Chinese and Western in new home makes life more colorful.

The living room and dining room are in same common space. The original space is more spacious. After renovation, living room also looks a little more compact, but overall look is warmer.

The restaurant is more like Harajuku style. In addition to dining area, it can also sometimes be used as a temporary workbench.

This is overall effect of living room. Seen from side, double sofa can also accommodate two people, and there is a piano on side. Practice from time to time so that whole house is filled with a happy rhythm. melodies.

The study was originally a space separated from living room, with windows, very good lighting, such a small space, independent and quiet, very suitable for a home office.

The boy's room is on side, space is a little more compact, but they are all independent of each other.

The boy's room is actually about 9 square meters, with desks and cupboards on the sides, not much space, but enough for children to study and live.

The space of daughter's room is a little larger, due to uneven space, desk and bedside table are connected, which saves more space.

The study in master bedroom is custom made and side bay window has been completely redesigned. Such a wooden cabinet window sill is more practical. It can be used as a tatami sofa for relaxing or storage space, which is beautiful and practical.

Such a space is not really very beautiful, but you can feel warmth and comfort on yourself, revealing a sense of intimacy at home. Doesn't the house need such an atmosphere?

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