80㎡ old house in suite is decorated like this, with 2 bedrooms, 2 halls and 2 bathrooms, and a separate dressing room, which is great

As people's demands for living comfort become higher and higher, interior decoration design is increasingly giving preference to living habits of owners in order to achieve maximum comfort and enjoyment after hard work. as much as possible. Take a look at 80㎡ old house in this set. It is located in a prosperous area. The exterior of building is quite new. Interior renovations and changes. Basically, all walls that can be removed in room. were removed, leaving only an empty wall shelf. The functional area was re-planned and designed to fully match structure of home life that owner wanted. 2-room apartment. liked it!

Attach floor plan. Now office has become an indispensable functional part of house. In this complex layout, living room, bedroom and dining room are fundamentally redesigned. Even in working area there is a separate bathroom. like current freedom For professionals, it is ideal to have such a device at home.

There are not too many fancy patterns in hard finish. The walls are painted directly with latex paint. The simple bare walls are combined with blue crescent TV wall, which is fresh and elegant, and the whole space is filled with calm and peace.

The side wall of dining room is decorated with sideboard-shaped partitions. When arranging dishes, you can also place decorative paintings to make space more fashionable and elegant.

The wall with TV is left empty. Now that Internet is very popular, basically TV has become a kind of decoration. If owner has a bit of an artistic personality, projectors and screens are supposed to be installed.

If you can see whole picture of living room when you enter door, many owners are still concerned about this feng shui privacy issue, so it is better to install a set of entrance screens.

Not only is a house large or small, but storage space is very important for a home. Porch cabinets may look complicated on outside, but they're actually made from curved steel braces on inside.

The dining room uses not only partitions as shelves, but also a row of cabinets on sides, done in a log color with white, warm and fresh.

This is a restaurant, atmosphere can be used almost like a workbench.

There is only one bedroom, keeping original spaciousness and light. The bedside construction set is built-in, and bedside lamps are installed directly on background board, which does not take up space and is very convenient to use.

The dressing room is a separate space, and a group of sofas for relaxing is specially placed on side, which is very similar to a reading nook.

The separate study room is not particularly elegant, it does not have bookcases made to order. The walls are designed with partitions and steel frames. The bookshelves are simple but have a learning atmosphere. This kind of decoration is fresh and elegant, whether it's a little older or a young and trendy couple, everyone should like them, right?

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As people's demands for living comfort become higher and higher, interior decoration design is increasingly giving preference to living habits of owners in order to achieve maximum comfort and enjoyment after hard work. as much as...
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