A small three-room mini-apartment of 89 m2 was ventilated for two months and finally moved in. The fresh Scandinavian style is so alien

The new house I bought is a small high-rise building with over 20 floors to top. I chose 16th floor. The height is good. A small house with three bedrooms 89 only one bathroom. A family of three also has a small independent study, still very practical, decorated in a fresh Nordic style, light color decoration effect, not complicated, and cost is only 120,000 yuan. aired for two months and just moved in. They say this effect is foreign, what do you think? Woolen cloth?

This is a living room, less than 8 square meters, with a fabric sofa for two people. The wall has no shape and TV hangs directly on wall. Two sets of cabinets are installed for storage, which are beautiful and powerful.

The restaurant is quite small and I bought log dining tables and chairs which are still very popular these days. The refrigerator is just leaning against wall, and everything is quite simple and elegant

The kitchen has a large palm, and is also made in the form of an overall U-shaped cabinet. Installing folding doors saves space, and a small area also has great functions.

This is a children's room. The sleeping area is small. On side to top of cabinet there is a set of sliding doors. The latex paint on wall is a geometric pattern that matches Scandinavian style.

The master bedroom has a bay window that hasn't been broken in, it's safer to keep high-rise structure, so it's also a super trendy and casual tatami with soft cushions.

The study is about same size as kitchen, only about 4 square meters. It is also a good idea to install a tatami set and a writing cabinet. No need to work in bedroom like before.

The balcony is quite narrow, only 1.2 meters deep. It has a set of countertops for washing machine. The washing machine just sits down. There is a place on side to install a set of lockers. The laundry room can put tools and washing powder under it. Very convenient. What do you think of this decoration?

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The new house I bought is a small high-rise building with over 20 floors to top. I chose 16th floor. The height is good. A small house with three bedrooms 89 only one bathroom. A family of three also has a small independent study,...
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