Entering door, you will see a large wardrobe and dressing room, 130,000 pieces of 126 square meters of a simple and beautiful three-room apartment, worth it!

The new house was installed a few years ago, and it was drying out. During this period of time, epidemic situation was serious, and it took a little longer to dry out. After some time, I am planning a Three Bedroom House of 126 square meters, not too big and not too small for a family of four. It's just for people to live in. At entrance to door there is a dressing room, similar to a large closet. whole package is only 13w, excluding furniture and appliances. Looking at circle of colleagues and friends, everyone agrees that it's worth it and whole house is on display!

This is hallway, a row of large wardrobes and a full-length mirror set on other side, it's all a wardrobe.

Hard finishing is quite simple. Apart from some necessary embellishments, hard finish also installed ceiling in living room. There are no fancy shapes on walls. The furniture is elegant and spacious, which looks very comfortable.

The living room is not too big, and sofa is also a combination of fabric sofa and leather sofa, which makes environment more American and casual.

The dining room is same as living room, no fussy decorations on wall, a set of dark wood dining table and chairs, quite elegant to put a table flag on it!

The type of house is quite transparent, there are windows in living room and dining room, and in dining room there is a wardrobe next to window, which is a sideboard for half a person, which is not as practical as a tall wardrobe, but such an insert. The space is also just right.

The kitchen is quite bright and sunny, with U-shaped overall cabinets and a place for a refrigerator on side, place is just right.

In bedroom itself, I still want to lay floor, but thinking that whole house has warm floors, it is simply changed to wood-grained brick, which has a delicate pattern of a wooden floor and thermal conductivity of tiles, and it is more convenient to care for it.

There are also a number of individual built-in wardrobes on side, which are roomy and comparable to a separate dressing room.

Two children are still small, and room is well chosen. For some reason table did not arrive in logistics and had to wait before being delivered. The style is similar.

Simple and generous, looks cute

The office is quite independent, there is not too much space, but there are also tatami. When guests sleep, this room can be converted into a guest bedroom

The balconies are all lined with ceramic tiles, they wash and dry here, and on other hand, they even specially ordered a wall stand for flowers.

Two bathrooms are nearby, and area is small. They were simply merged into one. Inside there is a washbasin, and outer compartment is also equipped with a washbasin. In principle, this is a standard separation of dry and wet. The total price is 130,000. Is this iron overpriced?

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