We moved to a new house on New Year's Eve, 88㎡ a simple two-room apartment, balcony has become place where whole family wants to stay most of all

The Spring Festival is approaching, and new house has been in air for two months now. I just moved in last week. The two-bedroom apartment of 88 sq.m is not too luxurious. Complex shapes cost money and are cumbersome, which is pure waste. The entire house, including furniture and appliances, costs about 150,000 yuan. It's not posh, but you'll have feeling of being at home when you walk in door. The balcony is most popular place where whole family wants to come. stay!

This is a relatively classic type H apartment. This type of apartment is still very common in various properties, and layout of finishes is quite well organized.

One side of hallway is a hallway closet to top, and other side is a full-length wall-length mirror.

The dining room is a separate space, while living room is a combined ceiling. The dining table and chairs are relatively simple, but also common styles, imitating solid wood, and background wall is decorated with photo walls. A little warmer and artistic.

The kitchen has a glass sliding door, space of long strip is very well laid out, custom-made white overall cabinet looks good, but relatives came to door and said that it might not be resistant to dirt, it is not easy to care for it, and it yellows easily. How do you think? what?

While there is plenty of space in kitchen and cabinets are full, there is no play in wall storage, it is well made and the kitchen is not afraid of chaos.

The living room is not spacious, but all in bright colors, which looks very neat and atmospheric

The TV wall is also specially decorated with a piece of marble, without unnecessary bizarre shapes, effect is simple and atmospheric.

The sofa is also made of fabric to order. Under the warm yellow light, it really has a simple and beautiful fashion and leisure style.

This is a walkway outside of bathroom, with bathroom in middle and master bedroom and second bedroom on either side.

Although it is a two-room building, it is still a high-rise building with limited space, master bedroom is also quite compact, there is a bed, a full-wall custom wardrobe, a bay window covered with marble. Simple, but warm and cozy..

The bed is also a tall box, and you can store things at bottom. Now it's bed linen for change of seasons.

It is not advisable to buy a bed in second bedroom, room itself is small, and a children's bed, wardrobe, desk and bookcase must be included, so personalization is most appropriate.

The washbasin in bathroom is a stationary wooden structure. Initially, it was mobile. The newly installed marble countertop behind it looks foreign and practical.

This is a balcony, space is quite spacious, ground is paved with park bricks, a lot of greenery, balcony was moved to balcony to dry smell earlier, and a set of tables and chairs for relaxing It is buried in greenery, Spring Festival is especially happy!

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