25㎡ ant house 3 meters high 8 is designed like this, and bedroom is built with a platform, so space should be used like this.

More and more large cities are populated, and housing prices are rising. Many people cannot afford big houses. Even such an ant house of 25 square meters costs millions of dollars. The height of this small house is 3.8 meters. The house itself is also an old apartment. The house is almost completely demolished on bare brick walls. After main finishing, redevelopment was done in order to maximize use of space. There are almost no styling parts. Kitchen downstairs, dining room, bathroom and bedrooms upstairs all designed with a floor plan. The effect is great. The house of ants has also become a one bedroom and one living room apartment.?

Outside door is dining room and kitchen. The space is quite small. All cabinets and stairs are custom made. Custom made to size does not take up much space and looks very neat and elegant.

Is this stone washbasin retro? The wall tiles are all I-shaped bricks interlaced and glued together, which is beautiful and generous.

A small space of 0.5 m2 on landing is a restaurant with a folding dining table and two white and blue wooden chairs, fresh and romantic.

The bathroom is behind a glass door. There are very few places. The washbasin uses a wall-mounted sink that saves space by leaning against a corner.

Despite being small, it has a dry/wet separation scheme. The entire shower area is divided by glass. The most interesting thing is niche cut into wall, and especially coarse mesh storage in bathroom.

The stairs are all custom made and sleeping area is right upstairs. The space is very small and this area is part of public area.

The overall color of finish is blue-white, and painted surface is specially made to have a mottled effect. There is also a specially placed attic staircase that goes straight up to top of roof, which is a skylight covered by glass.

The bedroom is also customizable as a whole, transforming into a platform with storage underneath.

The window is not big, but because of gap it seems brighter.

Who said 25㎡ can't be a home, isn't it a nice room with one bedroom and one living room?

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More and more large cities are populated, and housing prices are rising. Many people cannot afford big houses. Even such an ant house of 25 square meters costs millions of dollars. The height of this small house is 3.8 meters. The...
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