In 2020, a family of five will finally live in a big house, terrace on top floor will not be sealed, and growing vegetables will become environmentally friendly

The previous two-room house 80㎡ was quite compact. There was no separate study room. The children either slept with their grandparents or with us. Just last year, they built a small bed to sleep alone. ,It will soon move into a bigger house. Finally, original house was sold. I rented it back to a new landlord for 4 months. I bought this 95 square meter duplex. I moved into a new house a week later, with a terrace of almost 40 square meters on top floor, which finally made my mother-in-law's dream come true. Flowers, plants and organic vegetables that were originally stored in ground floor garden have been given a new home. eco-friendly and whole world is exposed to the sun. Room!

This is living room on ground floor. Since this is top floor, height of floor does not seem so small. In addition, furniture is low, which is more in line with American style. The striped fabric sofa is very warm, and atmosphere with subdued lighting is warmer.

Looking at overall effect of living room from balcony, area is not too large, and staircase is a relatively spacious corner staircase, and wooden staircase matches overall style very well.

Looking at overall effect of living room from stairs, corners of wall are specially rounded, which makes them more rounded, and lines are soft, and there are children and elderly in the family, which also saves from bumps. and cones.

Dining tables and chairs in restaurant are also made of solid dark wood, wooden doors, wooden frames and baseboards are made in same color tone, which corresponds to modern style of decoration.

The restaurant is open, there is no special decoration on walls, and paintings are simple and elegant.

The kitchen is equipped with a large wooden frame with a glass door and a sideboard made of solid wood that can be used as storage for restaurant. Although room is small, it looks quite upscale.

This is master bedroom, with a large bay window, wardrobes, beds and other dark solid wood furniture, specially prepared for relatives, master bedroom is just right for their living.

It also has a large bay window and very good lighting.

It's a kids room, finally my daughter doesn't have to crowd with us and she has her own exclusive room.

The space is quite large, whole room is painted green, with white beds and furniture, fresh and cute.

The dressing room upstairs is as connected to study as a spacious multifunctional area, and there is also an exclusive space for a temporary office in future.

This is our bedroom and space can be considered a spacious suite. The upstairs space is still very spacious, but floor height is a bit short.

The terrace on top floor has an area of ​​about 40 square meters, and a garden swing is specially installed. Large green plants planted by mother-in-law and mother-in-law are placed, as well as organic vegetables grown in specially purchased boxes. Isn't it very environmentally friendly?

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The previous two-room house 80㎡ was quite compact. There was no separate study room. The children either slept with their grandparents or with us. Just last year, they built a small bed to sleep alone. ,It will soon move into a bi...
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