Visit Real Estate Hardcover Model Room Luxury City Light Three Bedroom Stunning Hallway Wall

Over past two years, most popular celebrity home decorations on internet have been almost all simple and beautiful styles or Scandinavian styles. Few people mention simple styles, but this simple style is more urban, with a breath of life and is more likely to be seen by city dwellers, it looks very warm and cozy, and also has a fashionable and light luxurious style. Last week, I accompanied my aunt to choose a house, and I was lucky enough to visit large-scale real estate hardcover model room. It is a relatively popular three-bedroom apartment with two bedrooms and a study. color system of entrance is relatively soft, and soft atmosphere and light are very comfortable, especially closet wall between entrance and dining room is amazing, see if you like it?

First, let's look at floor plan. This type of house is relatively popular. It is divided into two parts, north and south, half of which are private areas such as bedrooms and offices, and other half are public areas such as dining room and kitchen. It's still very clear

Initially, house did not have a separate entrance. The entrance is dining and living room and space is relatively spacious. Thus, a set of entrance wardrobes is built upstairs, which have decorative effects. and storage functions.

Looking across entire veranda and living room from dining and kitchen area, living room has a balcony and floor is covered with glass-ceramic tiles with a marble pattern. Nice atmosphere.

Behind study on porch is dining room. The cubicle is specially built against wall of study. It is decorated with all wood materials, which is beautiful and generous.

This is overall effect of living room. The dark gray suede fabric sofa matches hard background wall, combining hardness and softness, making it light, luxurious and fashionable.

The TV wall and background wall of sofa are decorated with hard film. The TV hangs directly on wall, and in middle of decoration on both sides there is an electronic fireplace that warms in winter.

The color tone of kitchen matches that of dining room and living room, with same marble pattern tiles, white cabinets and gray wall tiles, simple and warm.

The bed in master bedroom is a solid space. The bed and bedside table are one piece. The floor to ceiling wardrobe is beautiful and has plenty of storage space.

The study room is built from a whole combination of tatami cabinets, bookcases, wardrobes, beds and tatami mats with a lift table, which is very practical but cost seems high, estimated at 7-8000. .

The bathroom is a space with a slightly unusual shape. The shower area is framed and separated, and dry and wet separation is very neat. This design takes up no space and makes most of space. Such an urban style. Do you think it is livable or is it a simple and beautiful Scandinavian style that is popular now?

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Over past two years, most popular celebrity home decorations on internet have been almost all simple and beautiful styles or Scandinavian styles. Few people mention simple styles, but this simple style is more urban, with a breath...
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