Spend 2 million to buy a 50m2 study, balcony will expand to master bedroom, and one room can be easily converted into two bedrooms, which is practical.

They say that education should start at an early age, and children should not lose at start. A couple of twin daughters in family will start enrolling in elementary school around June of new year. start looking for a house in first half, price is really high, I finally found a 50 square meters house in a key elementary school, price was up to 2 million, and I originally planned to live here sometimes, but now I have to sell original house to replace this one. The decoration is also treated very carefully, because it will be a house in future, and cost of repairs is quite high, house itself is small, and it is not easy to build a three-room apartment. Removed all walls that can be dismantled, living room is reduced, and balcony is greatly expanded. It can be turned into a two-room. If house is not heated, then I am very worried that balcony will not be able to accommodate people. Now that it is completed, the effect is beautiful and practical. I feel a sense of accomplishment, sunshine!

This is the lobby. The front door was originally a barbed wire anti-theft door, but it has been replaced with a smart lock that is better and more secure.

The aisle is narrow, and this group of small cabinets is a stationary partition, which is exactly same size, and it is quite practical to assemble it yourself.

The entrance to door is living area. The area of ​​the house is limited, and functional area of ​​the entire space can be seen almost standing at the door.

The whole living room is actually only about 8 square meters and walls are all painted white. Despite simple finish, red bricks are visible even when they are demolished. Plastering, making a foundation and so on, in any case, it's a lot of money to demolish and renovate.

Sky blue Scandinavian style fabric sofa bought online is just right for two people. The background wall has no shape, and there are only three decorative paintings hanging on it, and the effect is not bad.

This is a close-up of dining room and living room in hallway. The dining room table can be folded at any time and used as a small side cabinet, which saves space.

Don't look at small table, it can easily accommodate 7-8 people when it's open.

The most obvious change is renovation of kitchen. It was very difficult to get into it. The original master kitchen was never installed, with cement walls and floors, so an old table was placed in place of stove, and no hood. After such a transformation, high-end became more than twice as high.

The floor tiles in bathroom are black with a white background, and walls are covered with hexagonal tiles, which looks neat and stylish.

This is an original bedroom space with a large balcony. It needed a little renovation. The original master bedroom has been converted into an exclusive space for two children. With screened windows and glass doors, interior is still spacious and bright.

It is more convenient for two children to live on top and bottom bed. Even after elementary school, this bed is not a problem.

There is a set of simple tables and cabinets in corner. Prepare them first so kids can use them for learning later.

This is balcony after outer extension. Luckily, house was reinstalled with floor heating. Otherwise, this winter is really cold. After all, windows are on three sides, and stretch ceiling is installed on Windows, indeed, as in a stylish apartment with floor-to-ceiling windows.

What's wrong with turning a balcony into a bedroom, isn't it great? What do you think?

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