The new house has been in operation for a week, and 58 sq. m are individually decorated in a Scandinavian style. Online shopping for furniture and appliances for whole house is very affordable.

The new house I bought is only 58㎡. For such a small house, down payment used up all my savings, and I even asked my parents to borrow some money to make up for it. Finishing lasted intermittently for half a year. , If you choose half a package, you can choose a more affordable one if you buy materials yourself, and value for money is guaranteed after comparison. There is no ceiling, no styling, furniture and household appliances are all bought via Internet, and some even in installments. This is most suitable for me, who did not save enough money for decoration after buying a house. I just moved in for a week and I'm showing off whole house!

The entrance hall is actually not very spacious. I originally planned to buy a ready-made shoe cabinet, but dimensions are relatively large. Just like this custom cabinets are also made next to door frame, which is a little compact, but they are installed directly on top. more storage than ready-made cabinets.

The living room is quite spacious, because balcony is open, lighting is good, floor is lined with beige floor tiles, walls are painted in warm yellow tones, gray fabric sofa is warm and stylish.

The dining table and chairs are probably familiar to everyone. This is most popular Scandinavian style from last year to this year. It sells like crazy on a certain treasure.

The bedroom has a bay window and it's all built into a tatami cupboard that can be stored underneath and tabletop can be used as a table for relaxing.

The kitchen is small and custom-made cabinets are very foreign, 2880 linear meters, and cabinets for the entire kitchen cost almost 6000 yuan, which is almost a relatively large expense.

The bathroom is relatively small, and washbasin is equipped with only a cabinet with one sink. No matter how small house is, it is convenient to separate dry and wet in it. The shower room is equipped with glass doors, and small one itself has become more tidy and western style!

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The new house I bought is only 58㎡. For such a small house, down payment used up all my savings, and I even asked my parents to borrow some money to make up for it. Finishing lasted intermittently for half a year. , If you choose ...
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