High-end home decorations can be installed without spending money, and design and combination are reasonable. Black, white and gray can also be so luxurious that you can't afford it.

When it comes to decorating, most people still have this knowledge: if you want to decorate expensive and high quality, you need to spend more money, and more you spend on styling, you can create a stylish American, European, or Chinese style style, more upscale effect. In fact, this is not case. Improved finishing depends not only on meaning of design to make life more comfortable, but also on selection of color, material and effect of choice of materials. Maybe more people have incorporated a simple style into a simple or even bad decoration. In fact, sometimes simple style is more expressive than these grandiose decoration styles, don't you believe? Take a look at this set of minimalist décor, hard décor is so popular you can ignore it, and finished black white gray word effect is even better than a model room so light and luxurious you can't afford it!

First, take a look at floor plan. The floor plan is still very popular, and thin walls inside are practically rebuilt after renovations. This design can make life more convenient.

The floor tiles on porch look like self-leveling tiles. The gray effect is quite western. The porch cabinets are all custom made. The black cabinets are highly textured. The countertops below are marble floors, which are durable and wear-resistant.effect.

The living room and balcony are interconnected. In addition to upholstered furniture, floor is made of ordinary white tiles, and top surface is also equipped with a simple ceiling. The open balcony is also made in form of an open office. .

The black leather sofa has a special texture. The side is an open cabinet, which is a series of custom-made partitions. The table top is made of marble and legs of table are made of solid wood. Particularly advanced IT style.

The dining room is same as living room, in a simple style using black, white and gray. The background wall is also specially decorated with brown mesh marble. The log dining table is paired with green dining chairs.

There are also glass sliding doors between kitchen and kitchen, and black framed glass doors can convey a luxurious feel with a light and luxurious temperament.

The hard finish of master bedroom is also very simple. Wooden floors, coffee-coloured hard-surfaced backgrounds and original white walls. There are not too many fancy decorative forms here. in combination with gray and white bedding fabrics - lightness and luxury, as well as unsurpassed comfort.

The entire nursery room is painted light blue, beds, bookcases and tables are custom made, effect is beautiful and practical.

Wall and floor tiles in bathroom are all marble with a very textured finish. The custom bathroom cabinets are remounted brown mesh marble countertops. The integrated bath and shower design gives entire space a particularly high-end look. End. Isn't this a city? Is this habitat that family aspires to?

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