95㎡ Limited price three-bed room decoration, creating a fresh and trendy Nordic style, main bathroom turns into a walk-in closet, which is very practical.

Over past two years, Scandinavian-style log decor has been very popular, fresh and natural, especially homely. Today I want to share with you finishing of a limited price three bedroom 95m home. A walk in closet is more practical than a bathroom and finished effect can be seen in the sun!

The hallway and dining room are designed as a single unit, upper part of closet in hallway can also be used as a sideboard.

This kind of Scandinavian style dining table and chairs is still very popular and also very suitable for ordinary families.

The kitchen is a custom-made L-shaped cabinet, gray floor tiles, small white square bricks on wall, and log-colored cabinets are overall very fresh and trendy, and atmosphere seems very cozy when you look at it.

This is overall effect of living room. This is not a particularly comfortable apartment. The large living room has a large balcony. The walls are not very well laid out. The balcony is in a small corner behind wall of sofa. .Now this dress makes space much brighter.

The bathroom is divided into wet and dry, washbasin is outside bathroom, and shower area is inside, washbasin with two sinks is more convenient to use.

The toilet bowl is wall-mounted. Regardless of price limit of house, finishes are very trendy. Even building materials are quite high class. The shower area is equipped not only with glass partitions, but even the floor is covered with non-slip tiles.

The tone of master bedroom is warmer, gray and white, and then embellished with orange, effect is quite beautiful.

The second bedroom has a small footprint, hard finish is right on floor, log bed is paired with white fabrics, which is especially convenient in the homestay style.

The study has floor-to-ceiling windows, and installing blinds is very IT. The tables and cabinets are all made to order, with little storage space, but it looks particularly stylish and urban.

This is original master bathroom. For a shared family, one bathroom is enough, so master bathroom has been converted into a walk-in closet, and master bedroom has original individual wardrobes, storage space is very large. Enough, how do you arrange two bathrooms?

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Over past two years, Scandinavian-style log decor has been very popular, fresh and natural, especially homely. Today I want to share with you finishing of a limited price three bedroom 95m home. A walk in closet is more practical ...
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