Sunshine 30,002 80 sq. m, a cottage of 6 sq. m, directly converted into a dressing room, very practical.

The area of ​​the new house is relatively small, only 80 square meters. Dressing room, whole home decoration of half a package of 32,000 yuan, everyone said it is beautiful and practical, it is not like a small two-room apartment, but would like a large house over 120 square meters, and final effect is revealed!

This is a living room, if not to say that this is a house of 80 square meters, I would not believe it. The walls of TV are covered with wallpaper, and floor throughout house is covered with floor coverings made from materials not from expensive big brands, but from regular brands of good quality.

There is no molding on background wall of sofa, just hang two decorative pictures, which is simple and elegant.

In terms of public space, house is indeed quite spacious. Looking at whole restaurant from living room, it is clean and majestic, not at all like a house of only 80 m2.

The dining room is also simple. The background wall is made of wood veneer, there are upper and lower cabinets for shoes and hats on sides, and in middle there is a place to create a table top. The lighting effect is quite beautiful. .

The decoration effect is not great, but it looks very warm and cozy.

The master bedroom is quite spacious. The house is same as first bedroom. There is a wall of cabinets on one side and a hanging TV cabinet at end of bed. The cabinet on one side can also be used as a desk or dressing table.

The background by bed is all European-style wallpapers, colors are simple and elegant, not flashy, but not tasteless, overall atmosphere is very cozy and inviting to sleep.

This hut is only 6㎡ and has a closet that takes up entire wall. Now there is not a bed, but a simple sofa, and space is quite compact. It's pretty simple, but no plans lately. If I do have kids in future, I might have to move to a bigger house.

The kitchen is equipped with black L-shaped overall cabinets. With white tiles, it looks very neat and stylish. A semi-set costs 32,000 yuan, including water and electricity costs. All materials are less than 30,000 yuan, and price/quality ratio is quite high.

The bathroom is divided into wet and dry. The washbasin is white on outside, while walls and floor tiles are cement gray on inside. The shower area is equipped with glass sliding doors. A white bathroom looks especially refreshing and clean. design is not chic, but effect is not bad, what do you think?

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