The new Chinese-style parental nursing home, 87 square meters used old house, the completion effect is really generous.

My parents are also picky about people. They have worked hard all their lives and are now retiring soon. There are many neighbors in old house, and they all know each other. They are not happy about change of housing, so they can only renovate house. After installing it, I found a relatively good local decorating company. The designer's experience is not bad. At first glance, it looks like an artist's style look. feel style just by looking at visualization.The two-bedroom house is 87 square meters.The decoration is based on new Chinese style that the two elders like.Most of them are original solid wood. old furniture which is especially high class. Neighbors who come to visit say they are rich, so let's show it!

All TV walls are made of wooden window panes. Furniture and forms are selected as harmoniously as possible. The background wall is hand painted.

All passages are arched, which is consistent with general style. The walls are covered with wall coverings, texture is very light and gray color is especially classic.

The sofa is an original solid wood sofa. My parents like it. The quality of original wood is also very good. They don't want to throw it away, let alone buy it year before.

The restaurant is also made in form of custom-made booths. The dining table can be turned into a round table, which is still a very trendy restaurant atmosphere.

The kitchen is not too big, and old house is afraid of poor smoke extraction, so a new built-in stove has been installed so that you don’t have to worry about problem of oily smoke.

The wardrobes in master bedroom are all custom-made, which is more popular now, and effect is relatively good, and there is enough storage space. Installing sliding doors saves space.

The master bedroom has a balcony with lots of light. It is very practical to create a living balcony for washing and drying.

The second bedroom is relatively simple, with corner desks and side cabinets that are custom made along with closet. Currently, no one lives in this room, and children love to run to their grandparents during holidays. In principle, this room is also considered his.Exclusive room.

I also built a set of wardrobes. Even if I live with my grandparents for a long time during winter and summer holidays, this will not be a problem. It was originally community I grew up in and I know a lot of kids so I'm happy to play together.

The bathroom is directly separated from wet and dry, and sink is outside bathroom. The solid wood cabinets match overall wood decor, which is very elegant.

The shower area is equipped with a glass partition that separates wet from dry, and floor tiles are specially selected with fine mesh and non-slip tiles, making it much safer for elderly to take a shower. What do you think of this effect?

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