Renovation of old apartment 73㎡, such a small apartment, looks good and not crowded, super fashionable

Because old house community is relatively mature and compared to newer properties, it is closer to urban area, it is more convenient to live in later activities, and facilities are relatively complete, so choice of wedding houses for young people is mainly The small apartment is an old house, and it is worth seeing after renovation. Today I will share with you renovation of old apartment 73㎡. If small apartment can be decorated like this, it will not only look good, but three-room apartment will look very spacious, who doesn’t like it?

Upload floor plan first, floor plan is ok, two bedrooms are next to each other, floor plan is ok, relatively normal.

There is a separate entrance with built-in wardrobes, relatively neat, also very comfortable in appearance, fashionable and philistine.

The design of living room is relatively simple. The entire room is paved with flooring. On side there is room for a simple desk. The entire wall is built into closet. It can be used as a bookcase or storage showcase in the living room. It is very practical.

Let's take a close-up of table. The black table is placed in a gray and elegant Scandinavian style, which makes whole living room more temperamental.

This is overall effect of living room: there is room for a refrigerator in corner to side of table, whole space is clean and tidy, and small area looks spacious enough.

The sofa is not placed against wall, and an open layout is more suitable for a small apartment. The kitchen is made open. Such an integrated design of dining room and kitchen is more in line with life habits of young people. People.

The headboard in master bedroom is painted green with a black bed and white linens. Everything looks fresh and elegant, and atmosphere is especially cozy.

Two hand-drawn pictures of an elk, especially of Nordic temperament.

The second bedroom is a nursery, in sky blue and gray tones, generally quiet, and countertop is set directly on bay window.

The bathroom is quite small. All washbasins are custom-made wooden cabinets with a single sink. The shower area cannot be divided, but a Scandinavian style shower curtain set was hung. The bathroom size is better than installation. The shower room is much more practical!

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