Sunshine has just moved into a new home for 3 months, a 135 square meter simple and beautiful four room apartment with an extra room with a fully enclosed terrace.

The new house has already been standing for 3 months. When hard finishing was just over, really many neighbors came to visit. They could get several waves in a week. I posted my graduation photos in a group, and for next two months in a row neighbors did not know what materials they were buying for finishing, I asked where we bought them and what kind of materials we bought, it is clear that everyone still recognizes effect. Hard furnishing house also cost a lot of money. It is estimated to be about 130,000 yuan. For a small four-room apartment of 135 square meters, master bedroom originally had a dressing room and a bathroom, but dressing room was directly separated from back and terrace was also closed. Get up and become an independent solar room, that's right 5 rooms!

The living room area is relatively limited and it is directly connected to balcony which is built into living room space, making it look much more spacious.

The TV wall is a combination of drywall + wallpaper, coffee-colored wallpaper harmonizes with floor and dark wood-colored furniture and looks more modern and fashionable.

From living room to dining area, porch closet is a set of custom low cabinets and on other side is an enclosed sideboard that can also store shoes and so on.

The restaurant is relatively small, with solid wood American dining tables and chairs, atmosphere is simple and warm.

The floor of balcony is covered with wood-like tiles, specially selected red color, one side is specially designed for washing and drying, which is very practical.

The other side is connected to terrace. The door of hut is directly replaced by a window, and outside is sealed with a metal-plastic window, and balcony is also open. Such a space immediately becomes a sunny recreation area, directly creating an additional room.

The kitchen is fitted with glass sliding doors that keep it feeling open and bright, solid wood cabinets and white countertops are also high value and neat looking.

Wallpaper on back wall of master bedroom, an original space with a separate dressing room that is separated directly, and master bedroom is much smaller.

The dressing table is located on one side of space and TV is hanging on wall at end of bed, which creates a very fresh visual experience.

It is not unreasonable for dressing room to be independent, because all custom-made wardrobes are made in style of dark solid wood. If they are placed in same room as bedroom, it really does not fit. Much fresher.

A room for parents. Like master bedroom, it is done in lighter colors and looks fresher and more elegant.

Children's room is smallest bedroom with a single bed and a number of bespoke wardrobes. The space at end of bed can't accommodate tables and chairs which is a bit limited though.

This is a bathroom that is directly made into a dry and wet layout. Initially, I thought about installing a separate shower room. I feel that shower room is not practical because of money. This kind of reinforced copper material is more durable. , it can accommodate sitting toilets inside, and space is also spacious, which is really more practical, do you think?

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