Explosive modification of 48㎡ individual house Zhimen, as a pre-wedding gift, to envy of all girlfriends after surrender

It has been many years since I graduated and I have never spent money indiscriminately. I have accumulated them all. I'm talking about marriage. The current marriage is not because I don't trust other party .I still have to have my premarital property to be more secure.After listening to my dad, my mom said I bought this 48㎡ old Zhimen one and it has been completely refurbished and refurbished . My parents gave me money for decoration. Before marriage, I can live alone. After marriage, this house can also be rented out. The plan, finished work is warm and generous, and my girlfriends are all jealous!

You can see all functional areas of house from entrance to house. When you enter house, you will be living room. The vertical cabinet can store clothes, middle cabinet can store shoes, and one closest to door is a dressing stool with drawers, which is also very convenient~

Looking at front door from living room, hard finish is still very simple, walls are painted white, background wall of sofa is a three-dimensional online shopping decoration, it glows at night and fish is especially lifelike.

The sofa is made of leather, which is easy to care for, beige color is very harmonious with overall tone, it looks warm and cozy.

The telewall is very trendy and it is a mosaic collage, very interesting and beautiful effect.

There is a bedroom in living room, and a small balcony outside is also free. The desk and chair are used as a computer desk, and sometimes it's very nice to play with computer.

A bedroom adjoins living room, in which same soft bed is quite comfortable, a carved screen is used as a partition between living room and living room, neat and tidy.

At end of the bed there is a closet two meters wide, which is enough to store one person's clothes.

If you look at entire space of guest bedroom from living room, light is not bad, quite spacious and bright.

There is a small independent balcony on side. It is planned to put a small sofa as a place to relax. Of course, it will not delay drying.

The kitchen is long, cabinets are also custom-made, hanging and floor cabinets are included, there is also enough storage space.

The bathroom is divided into wet and dry The shower is installed separately The washing machine is taken outside without fear of getting wet The layout of the small apartment is also very impressive What do you think?

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