The 122㎡ Japanese-style building was completed, and third house was converted into a wardrobe + small office, and functional division became more livable.

I have always liked freshness and elegance of Japanese style, and feeling of zen relaxation, so new house is planned in Japanese style, a three-bedroom house of 122㎡, two bedrooms are reserved, and rest. All curtain walls of room have been removed and rebuilt, and third room is converted into a dressing room + small office. This functional division is more practical and habitable than three bedrooms, and finished effect is impressive!

First, let's talk about layout of house. This is floor plan after renovation. The function of living room was canceled, and a dining room and a group of rooms with tatami were built. Sliding wooden frame. doors are installed. It is very japanese style and key is to bring modern stylish japanese style more livable.

This is an original living room space built into dining and lounge area, with a dining area on one side, a tea table on other, and a tatami lounge area inside, separated by a sliding door.

The kitchen is also open plan with dining tables and chairs and a breakfast bar. The kitchen is quite spacious with large U-shaped cabinets, logs and white quartz stone countertops, effect is warm and atmospheric.

The layout of original third bedroom has been remodeled, with walls removed, an open study on the outside and a separate dressing room inside, separated by a sliding door. The storage space is very powerful.

The doors of all bedrooms are sliding doors made of this kind of wooden lattice, and even rails are made of wood, which is very durable.

Close-up of a small open study, effect is really good.

The bathroom is divided into dry and wet areas, and washing machine is just opposite washbasin from outside. The interior functional areas are very complete, almost complete.

It's really different from most people's serious living room design these days, so the combined space looks more livable and has a warm homely feel.

Let's take a close-up of an ordinary tatami in living room. The storage space is good enough. When guests arrive, this cabin can be used as a guest room. Heated floors throughout room, which is very convenient. comfortable.

The inside of house is either a wooden slatted sliding door or a wooden hanging barn door, which is especially fresh and zen. Living in such a house can relax mood. How many employed workers in city want a habitat?

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