1000 yuan customized home style small study 83㎡ two bedrooms become three bedrooms at once IKEA style is so beautiful

The new house I bought is a two bedroom set of 83 square meters. The area of ​​the house is small, and hallway is quite spacious. It was originally a restaurant building. After renovation, layout has changed, shoe cabinets and open desks and bookcases, entire dining room has moved to living area, sharing space with living room, three-room room immediately turned into a small three-room, The whole IKEA style house is so beautiful, let's show results!

This is a lobby that has been made a little more spacious, sacrificing a separate restaurant area and creating a study that is now more needed and a more practical layout of space.

There is also a stretch ceiling in entrance, and door leaf is made by hand, isn't that unique?

The design of TV wall is relatively popular, it is decorated with plasterboard and wallpaper.

The background wall of sofa is decorated directly with a photo wall, and combined sofa is also very suitable for space of a small apartment.

The coffee table is still multifunctional and when opened it becomes a different kind of table.

This is effect after opening it. How about this? This coffee and dining table is quite powerful, right?

The kitchen is also equipped with glass sliding doors to keep interior transparent. The smaller house, more natural light it needs, otherwise it will look even smaller.

The wall at end of aisle is decorated with deer heads, which are now very popular. You can buy them online and install them yourself. It pairs with cherry blossom wallpaper on TV wall and is very refreshing.

The background wall of master bedroom is covered with wallpaper. Like sofa, bed and furniture in master bedroom are also done in blue and white, fresh and elegant.

A whole range of cabinets are made to order, and there is still plenty of storage space.

The second bedroom is a room for future children. The whole house is custom-made with tatami mats, beds and wardrobes.

There is no shower in bathroom, but effect of installing a shower screen and a hydro-barrier is same. Also, dry and wet separation scheme. The shower area is also specially tiled with non-slip composition. The overall finish is very satisfactory. What do you think?

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