Small nest decoration 48㎡ is not enough, hard decoration + soft decoration is 140,000, and Nordic effect is comparable to model room.

Migrant workers who wander elsewhere hope to buy a house in city where they live. Even if it is quite small, it still seems like a very proud home. I worked hard with my boyfriend for many years before I bought this small apartment of 48 square meters. The house is too small, but decoration is not too simple. Instead, I spent a lot of savings on decoration. The hard and soft decoration together is about 140,000. The finished work is Scandinavian style. My girlfriends all praised how beautiful, and effect is as beautiful as model of room. Is this an exaggeration? Show it to everyone!

This is a TV background wall, white cultural brick wall is pasted, and blue Tiffany tea table is matched with it, effect is very good.

Side is a group of very large potted cacti that are very showy at home. Green is a truly versatile color that can keep you feeling fresh and fresh, just like white.

The general impression of this dead TV wall is that most of potted plants in house are fake, but effect is hard to tell. A lot of people think it's real and it's very much alive.

The gray sofa matches light blue latex paint against wall, which looks warm and atmospheric, very beautiful.

Is the bedside table wooden or beautiful?

A coffee table in mother-in-law's style. Although living room is not large, it is quite stylish and avant-garde.

You can't find lamps in regular stores. This one is bought online and installation is included. The price is also very nice. It only costs over 200 yuan. Many neighbors came to ask for a link. is it beautiful?

The bedroom is quite crowded, there is only one bedroom, and space is filled with beds and bedside tables, and bay windows are also equipped with soft pillows, which are also very effective as a tatami for relaxation.

Walk-in dressing room with a barn door on side. The place is very small, but storage is very powerful. Although house is small, I must say that this color scheme is very elegant and powerful. The blue and white color scheme gives people a fresh feeling. This Scandinavian style is now popular in ins style. What do you think?

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Migrant workers who wander elsewhere hope to buy a house in city where they live. Even if it is quite small, it still seems like a very proud home. I worked hard with my boyfriend for many years before I bought this small apartmen...
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