A family of six lives in a three-room 119-meter three-room apartment, there is not enough space for planning, and a half-wall TV wall is beautiful and practical.

This improved house was also bought after sale of original house. There are old people and small ones, and it is very convenient to live together and take care of them. The area of ​​​​the house is not very spacious. , free up dining room to build in wardrobe to top, pantry is excellent, living room is spacious enough, lighting is also good. It is divided into two and a half walls and installed as a TV wall partition. One wall for dual use, showing finished effect!

This is living room after installation. Initially, entire space was a living room. In order to make most of area, half of wall was installed as a room divider and TV wall, which is very fashionable.

The balcony is very spacious and bright, with glass partition doors, and even transparent curtains are white, so lighting is very good.

The original area of ​​the restaurant had corner storage cabinets up to top, and the storage space was very powerful.

The background wall of sofa in living room is painted gray, and gray fabric sofa is still very fashionable and stylish.

Outside, half of wall is finished with marble. It is very beautiful when used as a decorative wall, and also maintains transparency of room when used as a room divider. One wall is very versatile.

The kitchen is also a custom-made corner cabinet. The log cabinet is matched with white countertops and ceramic tiles. It's fresh and clean. Isn't that kind of atmosphere kitchen needs?

The main bedroom and living room are designed in same style, walls are gray, sofa is also pinkish gray. Like sofa in living room, a set of red sofa chairs are arranged, which is warm and romantic. .

The second bedroom is very simple, with four floor-to-ceiling white walls. This is the parent's room. They love this simple and elegant room with an inexplicably sophisticated texture.

The color scheme of children's room is a little more lively. This is a combination of nude pink, white and grey. It is fresh and elegant, cute and delicate, very suitable for daughters!

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This improved house was also bought after sale of original house. There are old people and small ones, and it is very convenient to live together and take care of them. The area of ​​​​the house is not very spacious. , free up din...
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